Friday, 17 December 2010

Body Modification

Okay so if you have seen my new video! you will have seen my new body mod!
My skin diver! i love it i had it done Monday and i was pooing myself! But it really did not hurt that much having my ears pierced was worse.
i had it on my sternum just above my cleavage!

I did have a nasty comment from a lady the the other day " i feel sorry for you, you obviously have no brain" Harsh! when she is sat there having a full set of acrylic nails! um your natural to??
I have a problem with people,s ideas of body modifications! i have a made a video about this before yes i have piercings! But a body modification is a modification to you appearance! so i class mod,s as surgery that is not for health reasons having your hair coloured having nail enhancements!
you should never judge someone by how they look!
i have mentioned my two lovely ladies Maxine and marijah before also known as bautifulfreak and gemmahey and i love watching there videos they inspire me not in a sappy way :) Maxine especially she is a beautiful person inside and out and i hate how rude some people are to her! she has a good job job he doesn't hurt anyone so what is they problem she like,a her body mods and she helps me not care about what people think of me!
You only live once so don,t regret the things you didn't do!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

What I,m Loving Right Now! 2

Yes i am not a faithful blogger but in my defense i have a chest infection! but in reality i,m lazy haha! i,m finding it hard to to write about make-up i love make-up i,m not buying i lot i,m more using key pieces using same shades and mixing and maching! they fact i have only used two lipsticks in the last 2 months says it all and i only got one of them last week :) i finally went to mac but was uninspired so i went for boring realible!

Mac Lip Pencil In Shade Subculture
Nice realible medium brown loving this faded in to creme d nude lipstick :)

Mac Satin Lipstick In Shade Snob
i have wanted to purchase this for a while but i thought ahh well and i love that is is a satin it really glides on and the it,s so creamy and feels so moisturising the lovely rose tinted lips to give my pale complexion some life this winter.

This is my sad little mac palette that needs a burst of colour but is never going to get it :)
this weeks purchases were Twinks and Gesso.
Yes a matt white white and another golden brown!
i think i want some more chocolate browns to add so any suggetions????

So this is what iam am wearing almost everyday if you want to know more about these products check out

My Victorian Cameo Necklace
Yes i,m going through a victorian phase i am loving anything dated from this period at the moment so what are you Loving Right Now???

Monday, 29 November 2010

My Everyday Make-up Products & Ramble

okay so this a weird update video! sorry for the quality but all the same i hope you understand!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Depression: My Story

Okay so this is different than any other blog i have wrote before and painful to write but if it helps one reader it will be worth it.
I wanted to tell my story of my battle with depression! yes not allot of people know this about me and will be shocked! but i don,t think we talk enough about it and i never imagined myself writing this.
My life is,nt terrible there are thousands of people who are suffering allot worse than me. everyone,s story is different this is just mine and if you want to leave your story or message me i would be happy to hear!

I was always pretty okay when i was younger nothing major just a sickly child!
i think it really started when i was 14 " Teenage Angst" they told me! i started to get unbelievably stressed about little things and have panic attacks in my room sometimes i thought i would die because i couldn't breathe.
i was thin when i was young but my weight started to climb because of a bowel condition i had there was nothing i could do but eat healthy. I hated myself because i knew from that day i would never be like everyone else i hated to go out, i used to just cry in my room i played the violin up until this point but gave it up! then the migraines started and when i got one i was paralysed i wanted to cry they hurt so much but couldn't move!
then at 15 i started to self harm! it seems weird to write this but sometimes i don't think people understand! i wasn't trying to kill myself! i would not do it in showing places it was not for attention! it was something i had control of my body it seemed to me hated me! i couldn't live my life like i wanted so for that five minutes it was mine and i controlled it!
after i left high school it stopped but in between that time I'd try taking lots of pills unsuccessfully! for the next few years i self harmed on and off.
they worst part was when i was 18 i realised i was bisexual and started to see Jennie it was the most terrifying thing in the world to me! my mum thank god was fine most of my family were Jennie,s family don't approve and i cannot go to her house or anything.
not long after i got homophobic comments i used to go home and cry for hours!
one day after another comment i just snapped went home and started taking lot,s of pills with vodka! my mum came in dragged me to the kitchen and make me drink salt water to bring up the pills i felt so awful. i knew it was selfish but i found it hard to care after a few months it happened again and i was in hospital! they doctor screamed at me and said if i tried to kill myself with pills it would be a slow painful death! that scared the life out me!
My friends tried to be supportive but they did not understand they thought i was stupid and that i had the perfect life.
A few years passed and i started to sort my life out i had a new job my and Jennie were comfortable my family where happy and healthy i found a new confidence.
But December rolled round and i started to get down again i kept it under control for my with more self harming.
And then after Christmas this year i decide i couldn't do this anymore and i went to the doctors after years of saying i would never go. they put me on anti depressants which made me have insomnia and my personality changed i couldn't feel anything i was numb from the pills i went back they changed them and yes i started to feel like me again after a month i took myself of them.
Then my bowel problem came back and i found out that i would be on medication for the rest of my life! it got my down but i wouldn't let it beat me!
I know that it will never go away i think when you have been to that place you can't ever come back, i realise it will never go away but it is apart of me now! i understand that medication may help for some people and not others! it wasn't for me i had to find my own way to deal with it! i still get comments from my mother i shrug it off after what i have put her through i think i kind of deserve it.
I don't think enough people talk about depression it is still a taboo really.
I hope one day people won't think it is a disease and that people who suffer from it should ostracised. The mental health system needs serious help with how they deal and treat people with depression, we are not in the Victorian times now and we should be be able to deal it! and talk about it without it being weird! i hope this helps one person because it is not something to be ashamed of it happens and sometimes taking helps and sometimes it doesn't you just have to find your way your reasons for smiling and your reasons for getting up in the morning!
I even am thinking of taking the violin back up!
I hope you understand how painful this was to write and share with the world but it also has made me feel a little better.

And sorry there has been no new video's college is taking up allot of time and is my main priority i hope you understand hopefully i will get some videos up soon.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Egyptian Princess Make-Up

It,s here guys I know it's been requested loads! and I love Egyptian history it,s just so exquisite and glamorous.
So it,s a take from Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra and Nefertiti Who did actually wear Black Liner! So little knowledge in there as well. So I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Everyday Witch Make-Up

New Video Up Guys i hope you like it. It will be the last one on this rubbish camera! so better quality video's coming!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Manchester Haul

Since i won't be doing haul video's any more because of the ages watching my video's but i don;t mind showing you on my blog every now and again! this is not showing off! this is what i spent a part of my birthday money on! i wish i got to go out and shop like this! But not everyone is blessed.

Might as well get the boring stuff out of the way first!

Yes it is hand sanitizer! it,s the nsi one for when doing clients :)

Oh yeah nobody shops like me i bought these plaster things for when i,m filing lol! they had to be pink :)

Mac Creme d nude

Yes i had to nip in and i bought another nude colour but it is now my favourite lipstick

But to get full on nude put i use with this!

Which is a cheapy from super drug they were like 3 for a fiver or something like that i gave the nail polish to my mum :)

Sweet! i love this combo not too sticky either which is a must.

2true Lip & Cheek tint

it is so nice without the heavy price tag so go to super drug and pick one up if your into stains.

Lush!! My favourite part of shopping my bath time has been so boring!

so i purchased two space girl Bath Bombs they smell deli sh.

Would love your recommendations on more lush products!

More not very exiting purchases! Some eyelash glue that actually drys :)

My new best friend! Dry Shampoo

I,m trying to just wash my hair at most three times a week so i don,t do any more damage! so this will help with the in between days days it's super drugs own but smells nice and does not make me look like i have dandruff :)

My new Shampoo & Conditioner

I love it cherry and fig it smells so lovely this one is for fine hair so this from first use is by far the best shampoo i have used and it again superdrugs own so you don't have to spend ££££

I also got the coconut deep conditioner it is OK but I'll stick to olive oil to sort out my dry hair!

Okay so this is what I'm going to be giving away i know it is not much! But i want to say thank you for everyone who reads and comments not just on here but my You-tube channel to! this is an in-between price as when i get to a thousand subscribers i will be giving away a urban decay Alice in wonderland palette!

So i know it was along one but thanks for sticking it out this long!

i appreciate everyone that reads and followers this blog! your support has been amazing! even though i have been slacking so thank you again.

If you want to see more random vlogs i have started a separate vlog channel for more day to day things! so i hope you go check that out and thanks again!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Shout Out Time!

Well i wanted to saythank you chaz for this lovely shout out in her video!
so if you have not checked her out already please do!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Professional Beauty Manchester

Hair Over The Month!

Okay so my hair had been black for the last two years! and that;s a length of time to only have one colour! though my hair loved me for it as was healthy and happy!

Love This Hair :)

Then I Decided i wanted red hair!!! Yes red!
but because my hair was black i had to bleach the black out first then put the red over! it was okay!

So i decided i still had a black hair dye i was putting it on!
yes i know so silly1 i damaged my hair for nothing! so lots of olive oil for me :)

I Heart Black Hair
Love Your hair guys!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Who Is Your Favourite Guru???

Well my favourite guru is going to be no surprise to anyone because she is most people's favourite! But " Drum Roll" It's Kandee Johnson! There i told you no surprise! not original I'll grant you but my honest opinion! and although there are allot of Kandee haters out there who leave the most vile comments the good fans by far out way the bad.

The reason she is my favourite is because she is so creative and by far the best make-up artist on YouTube! ( My opinion) not only is she so talented she is the most super nice person to watch and to speak to! she has inspired me in so many ways! i don't have to give up my dreams and get a normal job! i just have be determined and fight for what i believe in! she is a great role model not just in her a career as a mum.
I spoke to her a few weeks ago about coming off YOUTUBE BECAUSE OF NASTY COMMENTS! but she said to me no don;t do believe in yourself and shrug it of if she listened to every nasty comment she would not be here! and she is right!
i,m devastated to not be able to go to London glaminars to meet her as someone in the trade and just to say thank you for all your support even though i never met you before in my life! my birthday is on the 20Th and because i,m a student tried to beg someone to get me the present of a lifetime! at no avail i write this blog! to send to her!
Thank you for being you!!!! that Lil cupcake is very lucky to have you as you are them! :) Cheese over
You have made me a better make-up artist then any classes. "Fact"

So who is your favourite guru? are you like me and live in kandeeland??? ha ha! i,d love to here about it!

Thursday, 30 September 2010


I am so sorry guys! that i have,nt done regular blog posts! if you follow me on twitter you will know that i started college three weeks ago! I,m doing My level 3 nail sevices course! i,m only in 3 days a week but long days = sleepy me! and ive been concentrating on filming my halloween tutorials for you! i will do a regular video soon with updates and lot,s of nail tutorials! un day!but on the 11th of october i will be at the professonal beauty show in manchester so i film my day there and you get to see the sexy uniforms! lol! but it,s going to be a fun day lot,s of demo,s and things so i will film as much as i can without getting to embarressed! and will do another post about my hair i got rid of the black so i can upload pictures because i,m writing this at college :) might aswell free internet!
i will post new video,s to my blog as well! and if you have any requets! then leave your comments on here or on any of my video,s or my facebook group page! so i,ll leave it here before i ramble on too much! take care!! xx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Random Bank Holiday Monday

I Got Mail!

Well i only ordered a couple of things could,nt help it1 i think i,m have an addiction to sunglasses!!! yes and the last two purchased were by matthew williamson i,l show you they first pair which i have shown in a haul video but i adore them snug do not wriggle down my nose which is hard to find a decent pair
Insert Terrible Pose

The second were so unessassery but they look pretty but £8.50 on ebay so had to be bought!

Hahaha yes no needed but pretty:)
Punkchyaz Rings
Puckchyaz if you are not subscribed to her a channel you need to be she lives local to me so big up up for manchester guru,s lol
She has her facebook page so you can look at the rings and if you want one just e-mail her!/pages/PunkChyaz/126673630693449?ref=ts
so here is what i got
Strawberry Ring Which is £3

Isn,t it lovely

Cameo Rose Ring £3.50
As you can see it did not survive the royal in one peice because they bent it it just needs re-glueing
so when fixed!

It is i think my favourite ring!
if you of course can,t fix yours make sure to contact chyaz!
If you purchase a ring she also sends a hand written letter aswell!

If you want to ask chyaz any questions you can like on facebook with the link above but i,m not sure it,s working so might be a copy and paste job lol and you can also follow her on twitter here
So i hope you check her out like i said she,s local and is fantastic with make-up!
See you soon guys

Monday, 23 August 2010

My Big Thank You To Lollipop26

Well i think you should know who lollipop26 is if your are reading this blog. so i just thought i had to give a big HUG from me and defiantly allot of other people who don,t just watch her YouTube video and read her blog. she was one of the first people i subscribed to on YouTube and watched her video,s soon their after making my own first video in December. I've spoke to her a few times on twitter and she is so lovely it,s nice to listen to her British accent her voice it not annoying and i love that! the unfortunate thing about about following Laura is the damage to my bank account lol! i have to try these products out myself a little worrying that this women can sell me ANYTHING!

To Check her out on YouTube

To check out her blog

To follow her on twitter

Someone has even made her a group on face book

And even a blog!

So yeah Laura ha ha!! and thank god your back off your Holiday need more video,s lol!

So what purchases have you made thanks to lollipop i have a few the etsy sideways cross Lotta mac, opi, and the now famous Revlon lipstick cherries in the snow in which she is pictured wearing above.
Insert my lollipop pose wearing cherries in the snow:)

I do make myself giggle!
So again thank you!!! and don,t ever get tired of spending:)

Sunday, 15 August 2010

In,s And Out,s 2

As ive been ill there, not that much at the minute but still a good few things worth mentioning!
Mac paint pot in bare study
i wanted omething new to wear all over the lid and under various shadows
a i,m new to mac i was a little hesitant to paint pots £13 and i wasnt really sure what for i had in my hand the sharkskin shade stick and the bare study but i decided i,d get this first and i have to say i use it all the time now! even if i can,t be bothered to put a full face on slap it on around my lid instant eye brightner so i love it and i think i,m defantatloy going to try out more

Mac Shy Girl
i wanted jazzed but unfortuantly it,s sold out so i tried the next best thing it,s no jazzed but i like it! it,s my first cremesheen and i,m happy it,s so moisturiing

Mac cremesheen glass chillin'
An in to the groove collection piece lot,s odd in the tube but goes on more clear not to sticky so i love it it,s up their with underage for me!

Mac 15 pro palette
these arent all eyeshadows i bought from mac some of them are my pressed mac pigments and i,m continually reaching for this palette
(right to left)
cocoa (top right hand side)
haux (bottem right hand side)
next row
golden olive (top)
amber lights (middle)
peach pearl (bottem)
next row
gesso ( top)
typographic (middle)
cranberry (bottom)
next row
bronze light (top)
crome yellow(middle)
goldmine (bottom)
next row
almond (top)
sable (middle)
black tied (bottom)
yogurt (top)
carbon (middle)
wood-winked (bottom)

Chicken pox
i finally think i,m over it and wa devisated i,m 24 i can,t get chicken pox well i got them from my 78 year old nana ha!
Haul videos
yes there will be no more haul videos i just think they can be so negative and sometimes make people feel bad! i,l do products i,m loving but not hauls!
and i will show some of them on my blog:)
i,m abit over it now no sunshine just rain i hate that it,s warming up for the last few weeks of august i just want all this to be over with i,m exited for september i start college and planning a weekend away!

So that,s it for now! what are your in,s and out,s?

Saturday, 7 August 2010

It Was Worth It!!!

I have to say i have never worked so hard for anything in my life! i,m so happy i,ve not slept yet it was turning out to be a pretty rubbish! then my step dad said i have mail! well i thought i,m not allowed to order anything else so was a little confused! the packaging sort of give it away though! Do Not Bend! yeah i got my City & Guilds Nvq in level 2 In beauty therapy! so i,m now an actual beautician!

So Here,s A Peek
I think it was defiantly the best and worst year of my life! and the best thing is i,m already to start again in September!
So what efforts have you been rewarded for??
Be Proud everyone who sat an kind of exams it,s hard work but it pays off!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I Suck At Blogging!

I am SO sorry that i just don,t blog enough but the good news is i have finally finished college! so that means i can at least this summer do regular video,s and blog,s yeah! Yes i just have to say the last ten months have been so hard but at the same time totally f***ing awesome honestly i can say that blood seat and tears went into gaining that certificate and i,m so proud not just of me but of all the girlie's in beauty that i studied with! And with all of my heart some of you have been down right outstanding when i thought i could,t do it! when i was down there were a couple of you that was always there to pick me up so i Heart you! So as we all move on to our next adventures in life you Betta facebook me! I had my interview for my next course which is is level 3 nail services and a few of the girls are doing it with me so at least i don,t have to go through the terror of first days all on my own.

Here,s all my girlie's for children in need
Going too miss you all!
So i,m gonna go cry in a corner no in all seriousness if you just achieved something great here we go TEAM HUG

Sunday, 13 June 2010

P!nk Live At The Reebok Stadium

P!nk Live At The Reebok Stadium

Week i managed to score myself a free pink ticket to go watch her at the Reebok stadium in horwich or some call Bolton haha!! and all i can say is Whoa!! She is SO amazing live i can,t actually believe it i did manage to get a couple of photo,s and video,s before my battery died on my camera:( and made a video and posted it on my youtube channel so hope you enjoy! She had some amazing supporting acts like butch walker, city and colour and hockey it was a long day they stadium opened their doors at five butch came on at six then city and colour then hockey pink came on just before 9 so much beer was drank!:~) Amazing the only problem was the Reebok deciding to charge £4 a bottle robbing gits! and then getting stuck on tesco car park on the way home! At £50 a ticket definitely worth the money Even though i did,nt pay! So if you went or have seen pink live leave your comments or post video,s in my comments on my YouTube video would love to see! So hope everybody had an amazing weekend!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Lady Gaga Inspired Prison Make-up

I Hate Being Busy!!

I,m so sorry guys i am totally lagging on my blog posts and my YouTube videos i,m so busy with college it,s killing me with the time i had off with my back for stupidly falling down the stairs i now have to make up 690 hours and that,s as well as making sure all my assessments, exams, oral questions done. But i,m on my last 4 weeks so the end is nigh! I finish on the 7th of July then hopefully i will pass and have my nvq level 2 in beauty therapy so i,l be a fully qualified beautician SO yeah!!!! I just hope all this stress is worth it apart from all that i,m looking forward to the leaving do!

On a more exiting note i,m going watching pink live at the Reebok stadium on Saturday so that,s gonna be super fun and i hope i get some great pictures to post i have a couple of posts i wanna do on some nail polishes i got but apart from that i,l leave it here!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Kiss & Tell

So i told about the viva glam gaga so i thought i better not forget old cyndi so i posted this pic so you know the true colour of it it,s more coral than red very wearable so again not the over powering vanilla smell so a really great product!

A really great true red a staple in every womens collection i want to do a video about red lips so i,m gunna try and keep quite haha!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bath Time!

Well i ordered some lush products and the things i picked mainly because of hype so here,s what i think of these products!

Lush Snowcake
Well i heard this was the best soap ever i opened it and couldn't wait to smell it the first thing that popped into my head was Johnson's baby lotion! surely that can,t be right i bought a bar of baby lotion? Yes and even though it does i kind of like it i wouldn't pay over the odds for it but i,l use it up and like it but next time i will just pick up the lotion!

Lush Snow Fairy
If you like sweet smells you,ll love this never mind candy floss pink it smells of candy floss not far from the Britney Spears Fantasy family!

Lush Flying Fox
The Sex-Appeal Honey Shower Gel when i first smelt this i hated it but i gave it a try and now i heart it you can really smells the jasmine which might put some people off but i think this might become apart of the shower routine for a while!

Bath Rocks
Not the most special thing but these smell like the Palmer violets which i heart so makes bath time extra fun!
I THOUGHT I,d really love these these things they come so highly recommend and although there kind of nice i think i,l be trying other things out not the most interesting blog to date but there,s my two cents!