Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Copper Crazy // DIY Time

So I know this is nothing new, Spray painting older items to give them a new lease on life. Put I was of course trolling Pinterest  now you all know me I love Shabby Chic, But I wanted some metallic detailing before I do my big paint jobs in April (Watch This Space) I toyed around around with Rose Gold and then decided to go with Copper as I think it looks so much brighter and wonderful and in some light gives of a rose gold look, So win win right? I looked around for the best Bright Copper Spray I could find, In the end I went with Rust-Oleum   picked up a can on eBay for £8.75 and believe me it goes a long way. I sprayed most of my plant pots, Phone Case and handles. All you need is a well ventilated area, Preferably outside this stuff stinks. Cover your area I sprayed bottom first and two coats and waited for them to be touch dry, It says 20 Mins but much sooner if it is a nice day. Turn Them right way and repeat your two coats. Done That simple. Like I said not revolutionary but I'm a lazy kinda gal :) So if you want to spruce up some items I highly recommend this Brand looks beautiful and it's so easy.

Here are the finished results, Beautiful Copper Brush Holders Formerly known as an Ikea Plant Pot :)
And all my handles from my Chest of Drawers and wardrobe. And I also cheered up my Eiffel tower..

I hope that gives you some ideas, And Happy DIYing haha :)

Take Care My Lovelies

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I don't have to wear any other make-up as long as I have blush.

                                                                                              Left To Right
Benefit Rockateur Blush, Benefit Coralista Blush

I feel like everyone and there cat has talked about these blushes, But you know me i had to stick my two pence in. Normally I would only wear Rockateur in Autumn/Winter. Don,t ask me why i felt it gave a nice winter flush to the skin, So all last summer it sat unloved with all my other blushes. So what made me pull it out for spring? Well I can,t actually remember the reason,. I had but a lavish amount of Coralista over the apples of my cheeks but I just wasn't feeling it. So I hovered over my blush collection and thought I will try this! I layered it over Coralista and blended up to my temples and that was that! My new favourite combo. I don,t always layer blushes but sometimes it nice to have a softer blush to use to blend up into the temples for a slight contoured blush effect it is good when your pale so you don't have to get your bronzer out to contour the hollows of your cheeks. Sometimes when your pale you just look dirty and muddy, Not a great look. I have been wearing the combo none stop for the last four weeks so if your wondering what is on my cheeks during a video odds are it is this. These products do have there own individual merits cue mini review.

Benefit CORALista Blush
This is described as a warm coral pink, and don't let the coral scare you, It does not tend to pull orange but again that would depend on your skin-tone. What i mean by do not let it scare you it is not that highly pigmented so you can add just a simple glow to your complexion with one wipe of your brush. It is build-able to give you a better colour pay off. Like I said it gives a natural healthy glow and it really does brighten your complexion, There is a slight shimmer but don't worry you will not look like a disco ball. For pale skin like mine it just goes on as a healthy flush I reiterate that because it is a fool proof blush.
The only con for me is the formulation, Saying that i would have been fine if I hadn't used Rockateur the new formulation is amazing, So Coralista looks a little chalky. And of course the boxes look good but are not really practical. All in all I think this is a great blusher and is worth the price tag. It is one of my most used blushes.
8.0g Net wt 0.28oz

Benefit Rockateur Blush
Described as a rose gold blush, It has a good mix of pink,beige and brown with a slight shimmer.
If you where a lover of mac's Stereo Rose then this is a slightly darker version of that. Good pigmentation that is build-able. It is wonderful for pale skin as it gives a sun-kissed glow. The Shimmer will not make you look like Edward Cullen so that is a winner for me. Now I have to mention that is is less product for the same price, All there other blushes are 8.0g and Rockateur is only 5.0g and it retails at the same £23.50 price tag and you might think what a rip-off but believe me it is not, Yes it weighs less and has less product but this blush by far is the best formulation benefit has. Its finer milled than all the other blushes, It is less chalky. It has a buttery texture which makes for easier blending. That being said it's my favourite by benefit and i think it is time they rebooted all the blushes to the same high standard.
I think I could literally go on and on how much I love these blushes and have done for many years. And I know that I will repurchase. Do you have any blushes that are your must haves?? I feel like there is so much out there. I hope you liked this post two beauty posts one after another, Am I finally back in the blogging game? Not sure on that but is has been so fun just sitting and writing again.
Take Care My Lovelies

Monday, 16 March 2015

Three Spring Lipstick Picks

Right To Left 
M.A.C- Hue, M.A.C- Snob, Lime Crime- Chinchilla 

Spring has well i cannot say sprung, Here in the UK the weather is awful. But to be honest i have been pulling all my spring products and make up for the last month. I wanted to show you my go to lipsticks this month and no doubt will be doing all the way through until summer.

Is described by mac as a soft pale pink of course it always looks brighter in the bullet. This has surprisingly become my go to nude! even over my beloved creme de nude. Crazy i know, It is a classic from mac and i truly believe it's a nude that will suit almost everyone. My only issue is the formulation it is a glaze which is my least favourite formulation that mac does, So if you have dry lips avoid like the plague and even if you think your lips are not dry this lipstick will make sure you know to get applying the lip balm. That said i really love it, It has a decent amount of coverage to give you a nice pink glaze to the lips. The wear time is not amazing you do have to reapply but this is one you can whip out of your bag and not need a mirror to apply. This i also love to put underneath snob it makes that shade so much more wearable if you are not going for barbie pink lips.
All in all i would say if your in the market for a nude i would say at least swatch this colour, There are a million and one nude lipsticks out there but i believe this is one of the most flattering on all skin types.

Described from mac as a light neutral pink but there is nothing neutral about this lipstick, It to me is a bright blue based pink which is amazing for making them teeth look whiter. This shade will defiantly vary what colour it will look on your lips depending on your skin tone but i am very fair, So it pulls brighter which i like and being slightly yellow based i am surprised it works on me. The only thing i would say is a satin but don't let that fool you, It is drying so you will have to combo with a good lip balm and/or gloss. But to me this shade is spring in a bullet, Swatch it and see. :)

You may notice i have not linked Lime Crime, I feel like as a brand i am not happy with them and will not purchase any more from them unless they change they whole company. I vowed to use up what i have from them. But before all this i have been wearing this shade alot, And the reason i am mentioning this lipstick is more for the shade itself rather than the lipstick. I am dipping a toe in the lilac/lavender lipstick trend. I was just to scared to wear it. But this month i have just been whipping it out and applying it by itself, Which is a major thing for me :) Like i said i have fair skin so it looks amazing on as well as of course making my teeth look whiter which is a major thing in the plus column also it last's well and its hugely pigmented, The only this is with opaque coverage usually comes drying out of your lips, Which this makes you lips look dry even with a good balm or lip gloss the good thing is you don't seem to actually loose moisture from your lips is good. The thing is i can't find a good lip liner to combo with this as it's not your usual lavender lipstick it is very grey based so i'm on the hunt.I will link some dupes if you are interested i just in good conscience would not recommend Lime Crime to you.
Dupe NYX Macaroon Lippie In Lavender

I know that was a lot of chat about three lipsticks, But in spring i really love to go to town with a lot of different shades. I do have a video of all my Spring Summer Lipsticks if you want to go and check that out, It is long but is has all the lipsticks on showing you what the actually look like rather than me swatching and holding up the tube.

Spring Summer Lipstick Collection

I hope you liked this post, I know i have been away from blogging for a long time, The last post hopefully will have cleared up why. I am looking forward to just sitting and typing again :) Some things just don't need to be filmed ;)
Also let me know what are you favourites at the moment i am always looking for more lipsticks :)
Take care my lovelies

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living. "

Before i get into the serious, i am sorry, i am a awful blogger. Wait never mind i am going too skip it :) And secondly let's set the mood with some summery music.

There we go :) Too be honest i am not going to say sorry i haven't been here in awhile because = some lame excuses. The truth is i have been putting a lot of effort in to my YouTube channel. I felt it was really on the back burner and when i did finally upload it was not great quality or really of any substance. I decided i had had enough of mediocre videos with basic editing. I purchased final cut pro and have put a lot in learn how to use the thing. My Video's are now all filmed my my slr and are edited in Final Cut and now the quality of my channel is showing. If you want to check out my channel here it is.

So now i am in a good weekly routine upload day is Sunday's :)
I feel like now is a good time to move back into blogging and i don't want to be as casual as i used to be. So i again want to get a post up at least once a week. So my real question is should i keep the format the same? I don't want to keep it strictly a beauty blog, i want to add my life and events and such. But is there anything else you would love to see included?

So with the new blog rejuvenated and thanks to a wonderful design by AlwaysInBluhm
It's time to get this road on the show. 

See you soon my lovelies