Saturday, 30 June 2012

I'd luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair.

`Yay so i finally got around to the illusive hair post i know so many have asked me how i got rid of the black hair and kept it in such good condition, If im honest my hair is in the best condition it has been in for years after the bleaching and having violet and pink through it.

So i damaged it pretty bad :( so happily slapped on the blackest black hair dye i could find and kept it like a year or so. As you can imagine quite a lot of build up.

April i decided i have had enough and wanted my natural colour back! i knew it wasn't going to be easy. After two colour b4 hair strippers my hair was a dark brown with slight ginger tones funnily enough my natural hair has that :) So after two of them i knew it wasn't going to go any lighter with out a pre-lighting so i opted for a quick bleach job not enough to damage the hair but take the black stain out of my hair.

After i whacked that on for 20 mins this is how it turned out.

A little lighter than my natural colour but the right tone with enough red/Ginger tones.All that was left was a hair dye that was similar to my natural colour i opted for Natural brown because i knew in a few washes it would settle to a lighter natural colour.

So you can see a lot of work but i got there in the end and after some new hair extensions and three boxes of dye so it blended nicely :).

So the tricky part leaving it alone and keeping it in good condition, something i struggle with but i think i found the right products that make each other very happy and pleasantly enough the bank balance too.

The take me back to my childhood shampoo's i used both of these everyone has used Vosene as a child and the Henara i used when i was 14 i remember my hair was amazing so i went back to it at cheap prices it was worth seeing if i would fall in love with them again and i did im on my third bottle of each and show no signs of swapping. As these don't coat my hair in plastic it leaves them looking refreshed. I always use vosene first i use this one as my hair is so fine it is unbearable but i swear that it works and then for a second was i use Henara i whack this leave on a minute then wash of that simple.

Lush r & b i swear by this yes everyone's raves about this product and in all honesty why i bought it. However i was worried paying the price for this because i don't like to waste but luckily i love it after shampooing take a five pence worth and apply on ends with the remains run my fingers through my hair this is enough for my hair if i don't want hair as greasy as i started with :)

With the next few products you will see a pattern  Schwarzkopf This is by far the best one ive used and continue to repurchase 220 does work.

I have to use a good Volumising mousse as my hair sticks flat to my head al limp and lifeless this gives some serious big hair i heart it.

I discovered s factor smoothing lusterizer through zoella and i love it i ordered it of feel unique

with a few other purchases. I usually blow dry my hair apply extensions and curl the ends with my Conical Wand then take a pea sized amount of this and scrunch in to the curl then brush through my hair with remaining product. i swear by this it your hair is looking brittle this will kill that off immediately. It is also great to apply to your ends before blow drying

See the pattern? Gliss spray omg i cannot tell you how much you need this product in your life spritze on to your finished style and your hair is glistening they don't call it a shine tonic for nothing and amazing and cheap way to faux healthy hair.

The next mousse venture i lost my Volumizing  mousse very sad face so popped to superdrug and i cant find i think they have it in bodycare so i will have to get it but as a quick purchase i thought i would give the got2b range ago and as im off to the sunny lakes tomorrow camping in a pod i thought i better get some dry shampoo. The lack of grooming is going to kill me :)

So that's everything the whole routine now which has been for the last three months its cheap and cheerful but most importantly works on my hair. I only wash my hair every three days don't say ewww washing everyday is bad for your hair. :)
See you soon my lovelies please leave any recommendations :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else - I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations.

Yes here comes another blog post about good old queenie :)

I thought i'd share a few pictures of what i have been doing this lovely jubilee weekend, yes there will be pictures of union jack bunting which i know everyone is abit cringy about seeing after watching four days of patriotic shows of affection, but i have to say i have loved it. I never imaged the queen would get such a reception i mean yes she is very popular and i have a love for royal history but i truly amazed me how people came out to celebrate the diamond jubilee i guess a off people actually got how truly historical a diamond jubilee is as we are not likely to ever see one again (not in my lifetime).

I have to say my highlight even though i did sit through four hours off boats on the Thames and from 9am to her speech at 6pm of the thanksgiving ceremony and parade :) was the lighting of the beacons yes i know if you also went the size might not have grabbed you but i have to say where they lit the beacon here is where we climb to every good Friday so i was not exited for the hike up there when it was freezing but when i got to the top i think i actually wowed. Seeing the sun set behind the pike is a sight also looking down to your little town makes you feel small i might as well show you what i mean. But the amount of spirit you coming together from the surrounding boroughs was very inspiring.

where is the lit beacon you ask i have a few pictures but it was pretty windy and i had to take all  these pictures with the trusty iPhone.

There everything :) i am sad i got to no street party but you never know we could take it to another jubilee??
And to finish off the the post we have to have a picture of the queen, this was taken earlier in the year when i went to York love these pictures.
reign many more years ma'am.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Who cares about the clouds when we're together? Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

Well writing this now is a little gloomy as it is a Sunday and in traditional British weather it has been bouncing down all day. These are a few pictures from last yes last Sunday! how quickly things can change. I live near a beautiful reservoir so me and a couple of friends went and a lovely swim and to be honest fried like a chicken :) But even as it was hitting 27 degrees it was wonderful. Blasting out radio one in the sunshine, it is the one thing that is guaranteed to pick up your mood, of course until it gets humid and then you have big fizzy hair. Well let's hope that is not the last of it.