Thursday, 30 September 2010


I am so sorry guys! that i have,nt done regular blog posts! if you follow me on twitter you will know that i started college three weeks ago! I,m doing My level 3 nail sevices course! i,m only in 3 days a week but long days = sleepy me! and ive been concentrating on filming my halloween tutorials for you! i will do a regular video soon with updates and lot,s of nail tutorials! un day!but on the 11th of october i will be at the professonal beauty show in manchester so i film my day there and you get to see the sexy uniforms! lol! but it,s going to be a fun day lot,s of demo,s and things so i will film as much as i can without getting to embarressed! and will do another post about my hair i got rid of the black so i can upload pictures because i,m writing this at college :) might aswell free internet!
i will post new video,s to my blog as well! and if you have any requets! then leave your comments on here or on any of my video,s or my facebook group page! so i,ll leave it here before i ramble on too much! take care!! xx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

How To Slit Your Wrists!!!.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Emilie Autumn Make-Up Tutorial

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Random Bank Holiday Monday

I Got Mail!

Well i only ordered a couple of things could,nt help it1 i think i,m have an addiction to sunglasses!!! yes and the last two purchased were by matthew williamson i,l show you they first pair which i have shown in a haul video but i adore them snug do not wriggle down my nose which is hard to find a decent pair
Insert Terrible Pose

The second were so unessassery but they look pretty but £8.50 on ebay so had to be bought!

Hahaha yes no needed but pretty:)
Punkchyaz Rings
Puckchyaz if you are not subscribed to her a channel you need to be she lives local to me so big up up for manchester guru,s lol
She has her facebook page so you can look at the rings and if you want one just e-mail her!/pages/PunkChyaz/126673630693449?ref=ts
so here is what i got
Strawberry Ring Which is £3

Isn,t it lovely

Cameo Rose Ring £3.50
As you can see it did not survive the royal in one peice because they bent it it just needs re-glueing
so when fixed!

It is i think my favourite ring!
if you of course can,t fix yours make sure to contact chyaz!
If you purchase a ring she also sends a hand written letter aswell!

If you want to ask chyaz any questions you can like on facebook with the link above but i,m not sure it,s working so might be a copy and paste job lol and you can also follow her on twitter here
So i hope you check her out like i said she,s local and is fantastic with make-up!
See you soon guys