Thursday, 30 September 2010


I am so sorry guys! that i have,nt done regular blog posts! if you follow me on twitter you will know that i started college three weeks ago! I,m doing My level 3 nail sevices course! i,m only in 3 days a week but long days = sleepy me! and ive been concentrating on filming my halloween tutorials for you! i will do a regular video soon with updates and lot,s of nail tutorials! un day!but on the 11th of october i will be at the professonal beauty show in manchester so i film my day there and you get to see the sexy uniforms! lol! but it,s going to be a fun day lot,s of demo,s and things so i will film as much as i can without getting to embarressed! and will do another post about my hair i got rid of the black so i can upload pictures because i,m writing this at college :) might aswell free internet!
i will post new video,s to my blog as well! and if you have any requets! then leave your comments on here or on any of my video,s or my facebook group page! so i,ll leave it here before i ramble on too much! take care!! xx