Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Why I've Been Away

As i write this post i worry that people may take why i am writing this the wrong way. I just want to explain this post is not for sympathy or for attention for myself in anyway, i know people shy from writing these types of posts but i am not for me for awareness everywhere.

I will start with why i am so passionate about writing and spreading awareness.
The main reason most people do the know someone who has or has passed with cancer and i hate to say mine is the latter, recently my auntie and a wonderful friend passed after a long battle with cancer she placed in hospice where they could care for her every need. I personally want to thank Bolton Hospice for the amazing care they provided not just for her but all the family. There beautiful gardens all the volunteers hard work as well as the nurses.

I am sorry i didn't inform all of you early and just seem to leave the internet but i am sure you can understand.

In memory of her i had a tattoo.

This is the lavender ribbon for cancer awareness the lavender represents all cancers.

After a week it did not look so lovely but now it has healed it amazes me how many people ask me what it is
and when i tell them it,s a cancer ribbon they ask why it is not pink?? Weird i thought how many people don,t know about the different ribbons here they are if your interested Ribbon Meanings. I know its not the usual make-up ramble but this is a cause close to my heart i just wanted to share and tell you about the things they do like race for life, midnight walks, fashion shows, tea days and i hope like me you will be aware and help spread love about this. i know its personal and i know it hurts to talk about sometimes but its nice to know organizations like the hospice and other care are there if thing do happen so it,s nice to help them out every now and again.

Sorry again for this post please don't be offended i just wanted to share a little of what i know.
Kelly xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Update why I've been gone