Thursday, 28 October 2010

Egyptian Princess Make-Up

It,s here guys I know it's been requested loads! and I love Egyptian history it,s just so exquisite and glamorous.
So it,s a take from Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra and Nefertiti Who did actually wear Black Liner! So little knowledge in there as well. So I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Everyday Witch Make-Up

New Video Up Guys i hope you like it. It will be the last one on this rubbish camera! so better quality video's coming!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Manchester Haul

Since i won't be doing haul video's any more because of the ages watching my video's but i don;t mind showing you on my blog every now and again! this is not showing off! this is what i spent a part of my birthday money on! i wish i got to go out and shop like this! But not everyone is blessed.

Might as well get the boring stuff out of the way first!

Yes it is hand sanitizer! it,s the nsi one for when doing clients :)

Oh yeah nobody shops like me i bought these plaster things for when i,m filing lol! they had to be pink :)

Mac Creme d nude

Yes i had to nip in and i bought another nude colour but it is now my favourite lipstick

But to get full on nude put i use with this!

Which is a cheapy from super drug they were like 3 for a fiver or something like that i gave the nail polish to my mum :)

Sweet! i love this combo not too sticky either which is a must.

2true Lip & Cheek tint

it is so nice without the heavy price tag so go to super drug and pick one up if your into stains.

Lush!! My favourite part of shopping my bath time has been so boring!

so i purchased two space girl Bath Bombs they smell deli sh.

Would love your recommendations on more lush products!

More not very exiting purchases! Some eyelash glue that actually drys :)

My new best friend! Dry Shampoo

I,m trying to just wash my hair at most three times a week so i don,t do any more damage! so this will help with the in between days days it's super drugs own but smells nice and does not make me look like i have dandruff :)

My new Shampoo & Conditioner

I love it cherry and fig it smells so lovely this one is for fine hair so this from first use is by far the best shampoo i have used and it again superdrugs own so you don't have to spend ££££

I also got the coconut deep conditioner it is OK but I'll stick to olive oil to sort out my dry hair!

Okay so this is what I'm going to be giving away i know it is not much! But i want to say thank you for everyone who reads and comments not just on here but my You-tube channel to! this is an in-between price as when i get to a thousand subscribers i will be giving away a urban decay Alice in wonderland palette!

So i know it was along one but thanks for sticking it out this long!

i appreciate everyone that reads and followers this blog! your support has been amazing! even though i have been slacking so thank you again.

If you want to see more random vlogs i have started a separate vlog channel for more day to day things! so i hope you go check that out and thanks again!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Shout Out Time!

Well i wanted to saythank you chaz for this lovely shout out in her video!
so if you have not checked her out already please do!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Professional Beauty Manchester

Hair Over The Month!

Okay so my hair had been black for the last two years! and that;s a length of time to only have one colour! though my hair loved me for it as was healthy and happy!

Love This Hair :)

Then I Decided i wanted red hair!!! Yes red!
but because my hair was black i had to bleach the black out first then put the red over! it was okay!

So i decided i still had a black hair dye i was putting it on!
yes i know so silly1 i damaged my hair for nothing! so lots of olive oil for me :)

I Heart Black Hair
Love Your hair guys!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Who Is Your Favourite Guru???

Well my favourite guru is going to be no surprise to anyone because she is most people's favourite! But " Drum Roll" It's Kandee Johnson! There i told you no surprise! not original I'll grant you but my honest opinion! and although there are allot of Kandee haters out there who leave the most vile comments the good fans by far out way the bad.

The reason she is my favourite is because she is so creative and by far the best make-up artist on YouTube! ( My opinion) not only is she so talented she is the most super nice person to watch and to speak to! she has inspired me in so many ways! i don't have to give up my dreams and get a normal job! i just have be determined and fight for what i believe in! she is a great role model not just in her a career as a mum.
I spoke to her a few weeks ago about coming off YOUTUBE BECAUSE OF NASTY COMMENTS! but she said to me no don;t do believe in yourself and shrug it of if she listened to every nasty comment she would not be here! and she is right!
i,m devastated to not be able to go to London glaminars to meet her as someone in the trade and just to say thank you for all your support even though i never met you before in my life! my birthday is on the 20Th and because i,m a student tried to beg someone to get me the present of a lifetime! at no avail i write this blog! to send to her!
Thank you for being you!!!! that Lil cupcake is very lucky to have you as you are them! :) Cheese over
You have made me a better make-up artist then any classes. "Fact"

So who is your favourite guru? are you like me and live in kandeeland??? ha ha! i,d love to here about it!