Saturday, 3 December 2011

Naked Palette Make-Up Look In Minutes!!

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Glossybox Chatter!

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Life Update

Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Birthday Vintage Style

As you know from my birthday give-away video, It was my birthday on the 20th and as a mature twenty something ;) I wanted a vintage tea party seeming as my birthday present from my parents was a vintage tea set :) Like i said mature

Yes Including Tea Strainer even though in modern days not so useful.

Oh yes i and cakes and of course decanters of fine spirits only in the good old days there was gin sherry and whisky. Well the gin went down well any-ways:)

Which was followed by more gin, Presents And a good old Victoria sponge cake.

So all in all i had a wonderful day just with family. I think i want all things vintage now :) But I'd rather it not be myself.
Also good luck if you are entering my birthday give-away it closes this Thursday and winner will be announced Friday.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Grey Focco

Yes i know there are allot of posts about this bag But i had to write about this bag.
Okay so It is not the Alexander Wang Rocco but the price of my version makes me smile at £29.99 compared to the £588 Yes i will stick with my ebay version and if you want to pick up your own bargain The Grey Focco 

I love the metal hardware on the bag.

Insert terrible posing picture.
So there are other colours black, white & tan. And i seriously need to purchase more :)
Off to watch trashy tv.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Products Im Loving Right Now

Okay this is massively delayed but here it is :)
Anything Vintage looking is making into my collection lately Cameos and what not but i think this is so nice when you want to layer necklaces i tend not to wear it too much with my top skin diver rejecting.

Mac 217 I believe is the only mac brush i would say yes buy there are so many on the market but this brush i use everyday so i did get my money back it is so versatile it can be used in so many different ways!! I can live alone with this brush pacts on colour to the lid, apply color to crease, blends great do smokey looks, and use to highlight brow bone.

Fresh Cannabis Santal
I always chuckle at "THIS SMELLS LIKE MARIJUANA" reviews. Just because you *think* you smelled it at a party 20 years ago, doesn't mean you know what it smells like.
So no, you don't have to worry about smelling like a dopehead when you wear this.
While on that subject... thankfully the patchouli isn't a prominent note in this fragrance.
It does open up with a very recognizable sandalwood scent. It is for now my everyday scent i love the smell a few hours after on my scarf Happy face.

Mac Fluidline In Blacktrack & Kohl Pencil In Smoulder
Oh yes i have been happily slapping on  my eye-liner lately no big wings just a sultry dark eye. Does it have to be mac? No im just using mine up but i do prefer smoulder to to a lot of pencils because it soft and i feel safer just washing it around the waterline without doing myself injury.

Nude Lipsticks
Yes i always like nudes but i wanted to post this as an either/or Because they are so similar with different prices tags The  first Mac Creme D Nude i have a lot of love for this lipstick but if you don't want to pay £12.50 for another nude lipstick then i would go for the second choice which is Gosh Darling. 


so big difference in price is that Gosh is only £6.50 But i will loving wear both.

More Lippies

Clinique Black Honey
I saw this colour and instantly thought it was going to be a dark lip. At least i was pleasantly surprised

 Just a nice rosy lip. This can be applied as sheer as you like to give a nice tint to the lip without looking like your wearing any.

Mac's Snob
Yes it's pretty much been my staple of the summer i am starting to use it less as it hits autumn but a colour that will always be a favourite as long as i don't have cracked lips :)

So that's everything for now but i expect a big change as it hits autumn so watch this space lol that means shopping,

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Blog Face Lift Inspires

Okay yes i have technically been blogging for awhile but i just gave my blog a make-over so now i now feel inspired to blog everything lol. Although i will spare you the boring details :) As my blog has been just make-up related which is fine but that is only one side of me! So they blog is going crazy with more body mods yes but i am now going to share my fashion sense yes i say sense in the fact that i am not a follow of fashion i tend to sway to vintage Victorian styles but down stop reading yet! It maybe vintage and sorta weird sometimes but it is also modern who does not love a tea dress in summer. So i hope you subscribe to my blog and hope to hear some of your thoughts what would YOU like me to tell you about myself. Take care xx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette

This is Urban Decay's 15 Anniversary palette
Yes i got mine happy to say if you want to check out this palette go to the  Debenhams Website To see. i love my Urban Decay palettes :) .All the swatches are without a base or primer.


The Colours starting with
 Midnight Rodeo is a Brown Gold With Silver shimmer
Tainted Is A Pinky Lavender Colour With Gold Shimmer
Deeper Dark Brown With Golden Shimmer
Right To Left
Deeper, Tainted, Midnight Rodeo
Midnight 15 Oyster Pearl With Silver Glitter
Junkshow Bright Pink With Blue Undertones
M.I.A  Dark Velvet Brown (Bronze)
Right To Left
M.I.A, Junkshow, Midnight 15
Vanilla White Gold
Omen Bright Purple With Blue Undertones
Ace Gunmetal Grey
Right To Left
Ace, Omen Vanilla
Flow Soft Peach Shimmer
Evidence Deep Purple/Blue Shimmer
Blackout Matt Black
Right To Left
Blackout, Evidence, Flow
Chase Bright Bronze
Deep End Bright Teal
Half Truth Deep Purple Grey Undertones
Right To Left
Half Truth, Deep End Chase

On another not i finally got the naked palette yes i know im only nearly a year late on the bandwagon :)
I,m not going to swatch and write up because there will be thousands of blog posts on this but i did get a couple of pics.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Daenerys Targaryen Make-Up

Yes another Game Of Thrones Look But this time this is Daenerys Targaryen Who is played by Emilia Clarke.

Now i bought violet contact lenses as this is the colour in the book. The look it self is very simple a barley there look but your face radiates with a pink glow if you want a later in the series look switch to golds and bronzer.

Now i do apologise for the septum bar :( i cant change it until it has healed.

I highly recommend these contact lenses these are the nicest and comfiest i have work Violet Lenses Link.

Products Used
L'oreal True Match Foundation Rose Vanilla
Benefit Eye Brightening Pencil
Go Translucent Powder
Go Brown Blush
Mac MSF semi Precious Crystal Pink
Nyc Colour Wheel Scarlet Letter
Mac Eye Shadow Vanilla
Mac Eye Shadow Sweet Lust
Fcuk Palette For Darker Pink
Mac Eye Shadow Brun
Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara
Rimmel White Eye Liner
Go Lipstick Shade 12

So To See The Video Check Here :) I do Enjoy This Music :)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Does Youtube Intimate You?

Do you have a youtube channel? Do you upload videos? Well i do and i have to stay it is getting pretty scary on there. I can safety say i am managing to deal with the haters you can never make anyone happy but when it comes to other beauty gurus i have to say i'm getting intimated not by them them selves but the subscribers i have received messages countless times saying i'm copying such a person and that I'm not popular and no subscribers so i should just give up!
Nice uh! Well i have to say i came pretty damn close to giving up yesterday! i uploaded a video about it and i woke up this morning to nice comments from my subbies love you guys :)
So guess what haters IM NOT GOING :) i love doing make-up and making videos why should i let some people ruin it. Yes i may not have thousands of subbies but i love the 58 i have :) haha you heard me.
So i am currently uploading a little review of something different and have just filmed a long waited request so i hope you will be happy i'm staying.
How do you feel about youtube and commenting or just the beauty guru's in general le me know i have to i am now fascinated haha :)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Game Of Thrones Women Of The North

So Probably like everyone else on the planet i watched game of thrones and found my self ingulfed in story lines and the family's of this wonderful tale. The Story Comes from a writer called George R.R. Martin And the series of books is called A Song Of Fire And Ice and A Game Of Thrones being book one of the series apparently the show will do a book a season which i find intriguing. I found myself reading the books a well good read. So as i do i hand to film a make up homage so i will be starting with this simple yet beautiful look if you want to wear make up and look like you have none one a must see. So the first video is women of the north i took inspiration from Lady Catelyn Stark not a true northerner but adapted the pale simple medieval look. So lady's of the north PALE is good :) Good for me anyways :)

                                                             Nice Wig :)
Products Used:
Loreal True match foundation
Fraulien Concealer 
Go Translucent Powder
Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder d6
Mac Paint Pot Bare Study
Mac Paint Pot Vintage Selection
Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara
Clinique Black Honey Lipstick

To Watch The Full Video Clink The Link Below
Game Of Thrones Video Here

Videos To Come The South

Monday, 4 July 2011

Camelot Cancelled!!!

Now like i said i love shows like this and when i heard they where making the show!!! Exited face :) What got my more exited that they were using the  Le Morte d'Arthur book as a starting point ! Not Bad Then it came to the cast less excitement:( 

 The Only Good thing i can say about the casting is what a good choice Joseph Fiennes as Merlin was. I loved him in Shakespeare in love and Elizabeth more history :) And how he played this role will not go amiss! Like i said best part of the programme.
Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur Now this is were i had my problem Arthur is described as a young handsome man who is just and what not but no offence to the guy i just didn't feel it if you are going to make Camelot make sure you cast someone who you can actually see as a king he is not a bad actor he just couldn't do this part for me sorry don't hate me!

Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere Pfft now it gets worse now Tamsin is most known for her role in St trinians yes!!! as the ditzy blonde no offence i do not agree with this choice for Guinevere. the story of her and Arthur was just to meek! do not forget Guinevere liked her men like i like hot dinners.

Eva Green as Morgan Now i don't think Eva was a bad choice they just liked to get her naked Good job she is stunning Yes Morgan not so nice and she did have sex with Arthur to have is son which just as evil! At least she will get a new job.
So why didn't the series work????
I think a few things put the nails in the coffin so to speak casting as i said the story was not bad and when you have a great writer like Michael Hirst which is why i tuned in because of his work on The Tudors and the epic Movie Elizabeth. Maybe his commitment on The Borgias was a strain??
Now they are rumours that the cast themselves had problems getting all back together in place due to schedules that shows true commitment haha! And there is also the budget the cost to make this is as much or maybe more to Game Of Thrones! Yep And another reason is that pesky show i love that show nothing compares to Game Of Thrones right now the adapted the book so well for the first season and showing that and Camelot at the same time not a wise choice Just bad timing.
But i am sad it has not been renewed as we saw in the season finale Morgan tricking Arthur to sleeping with her and thus having a child But oh well you will have to read the book to find out! Well i still wish the show a save journey to Avalon. Lame attempt at a joke.
Hope you like this blog post something a little different for me but i do watch alot of shows :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ear Lobe Stretching

So i,m currently stretching my ear lobes and a few people wanted me to tell them how i do it so here it is this hopefully will a be a beginners guide to lobe stretching.

First of all will your work place let you stretch? And will it in the future make getting yourself a job harder?
These are questions you need to ask yourself!! The reason i say this is because i'm stretching but i will only go to a 6mm because i do not know where i will be in a few years time and do not know if it will acceptable remember 8mm is the point of no return but this does not apply to everyone!! Everybody is different!

  • You will need a lobe piercing to stretch if you have it pierced just to stretch remember to wait until it is fully healed!! this is important it will cause unessesery  pain and maybe infection.
  • So Your piercing is fully healed! Time To begin i recommend a kit personally to get you started it can be a cheaper option rather than buying seperatly every two weeks! And the materials i recommend are steel you want to avoid other materials eg acrylic silicone until your ear is fully healed again the reason for this is little holes in the acrylic which will be a breeding zone for bacteria which will lead to infections. Here is what i use to stretch.

The above link is to the kit im stretching with with 6 different sizes to move you up comfortably and safely. 

In this kit you will receive
  • 1.6mm (14 Gauge)
  • 2.0mm (12 Gauge)
  • 2.4mm (10 Gauge)
  • 3.2mm (8 Gauge)
  • 4.0mm (6 Gauge)
  • 5.0mm (4 Gauge)

You need to find out at what size you are pierced with it is usually a 1.6mm but can vary!

Start Stretching :)

With Your stretchers you need to sterilize them before letting them come in contact with your ears! Boiling water in a cup with do the trick but it has to be extremely hot! To work.
Massage your ears on the upcoming week of your first stretch this will make them supple.
Clean your ears with a anti bacterial soap and your hands make sure everything you use is clean.
You can use a lubricant to help the stretch jojoba oil is a good choice but use very little or your fingers will slide around! press through the piercing if it does not go through all way comfortably fine use the o rings to secure in place and slide through to the thickest part of jewellery over the course of the day! It is not  a race take your time pushing to far to soon will cause bleeding and also could cause infection! stretching should not hurt as soon as it starts stop leave it a while! Once your jewellery is in fully enjoy :)


You Have made your first stretch but you need to take care of it clean like it is a fresh piercing up to 3 times a day make sure your ear is moisturised this is were jojoba oil comes in handy :) make sure to move the jewellery around everyday! This Should take two weeks to heal but again everyone is different!

When Can I Next Stretch

When it is fully healed after two weeks you can move up to the next size repeating the process!


Stretching is not a race you need to let your ears heal in-between stretches Your body tissue needs to heal and adjust to grow new cells!

And this is where i end this post i am currently sitting at my first week and 2.4mm (10 Gauge) This process works for me and is the best in my opinion .

My Next 3 Stretches

Take your time and love your lobes avoid infection :) please feel free to ask any questions you might have.