Friday, 17 December 2010

Body Modification

Okay so if you have seen my new video! you will have seen my new body mod!
My skin diver! i love it i had it done Monday and i was pooing myself! But it really did not hurt that much having my ears pierced was worse.
i had it on my sternum just above my cleavage!

I did have a nasty comment from a lady the the other day " i feel sorry for you, you obviously have no brain" Harsh! when she is sat there having a full set of acrylic nails! um your natural to??
I have a problem with people,s ideas of body modifications! i have a made a video about this before yes i have piercings! But a body modification is a modification to you appearance! so i class mod,s as surgery that is not for health reasons having your hair coloured having nail enhancements!
you should never judge someone by how they look!
i have mentioned my two lovely ladies Maxine and marijah before also known as bautifulfreak and gemmahey and i love watching there videos they inspire me not in a sappy way :) Maxine especially she is a beautiful person inside and out and i hate how rude some people are to her! she has a good job job he doesn't hurt anyone so what is they problem she like,a her body mods and she helps me not care about what people think of me!
You only live once so don,t regret the things you didn't do!