Sunday, 28 February 2010

Things Ive Aqquired This Week

My first shopping spree for a while and it wasnt much of a spree first il start with my barry m nail polishes i got 293 which is grey i love it it,s my new favourite colour its matte and i just love it the next one is 287 aqua blue which i don,t love to be honesest it shimmery thats the only good thing about it i dont dont like the pigmentation and it,s very translusent so big finger down from me. Next i got the corse bride palette its got a black and a white eyeshadow i love it,s dinky it,s keeping me happy until i get my alice in wonderland palette. Next is my au naturelle haul it,s closing down people so go in i got three bath bombs in i love strawberry and milkshake and coconut and cream and vanilla and ice cream love them they smell so good i,m down to my last one now s going to have to go back quickly or order some the next thing is my body lotion in i love chocolate and oranges which takes me to my next lot which is lip balms i got mango and papaya and ilove chocolate and oranges and vanilla and ice cream and strawberries and milkshake and lemons and limes and coconut and cream and i got the coconut and cream shimmer and shine lipgloss wich i love the smell so good i could eat them the only cost £5 so bargain. last but not least deep cleansing nose strips which i love only used one but there great my nose just felt so hydtated so winner sorry that ive rambled on so long just thought there was to much for a video thats for reading and keep posted! xx

My Green Eyed Look

So i thought i record how to do this look because i did it a few months ago when i went watching lord of the dance and alot of people said it was lovely so here it is a link to my youtube video i have being recording alot this week so hopefuly more to com. with this look i just applied my foundation and blush as normal i used a parrot green from the front cover palette and a green from the fcuk palette and sweet pea glitter so it,s really easy to do so have fun recreating it! and always thanks for watching