Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bath Time!

Well i ordered some lush products and the things i picked mainly because of hype so here,s what i think of these products!

Lush Snowcake
Well i heard this was the best soap ever i opened it and couldn't wait to smell it the first thing that popped into my head was Johnson's baby lotion! surely that can,t be right i bought a bar of baby lotion? Yes and even though it does i kind of like it i wouldn't pay over the odds for it but i,l use it up and like it but next time i will just pick up the lotion!

Lush Snow Fairy
If you like sweet smells you,ll love this never mind candy floss pink it smells of candy floss not far from the Britney Spears Fantasy family!

Lush Flying Fox
The Sex-Appeal Honey Shower Gel when i first smelt this i hated it but i gave it a try and now i heart it you can really smells the jasmine which might put some people off but i think this might become apart of the shower routine for a while!

Bath Rocks
Not the most special thing but these smell like the Palmer violets which i heart so makes bath time extra fun!
I THOUGHT I,d really love these these things they come so highly recommend and although there kind of nice i think i,l be trying other things out not the most interesting blog to date but there,s my two cents!