Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Copper Crazy // DIY Time

So I know this is nothing new, Spray painting older items to give them a new lease on life. Put I was of course trolling Pinterest  now you all know me I love Shabby Chic, But I wanted some metallic detailing before I do my big paint jobs in April (Watch This Space) I toyed around around with Rose Gold and then decided to go with Copper as I think it looks so much brighter and wonderful and in some light gives of a rose gold look, So win win right? I looked around for the best Bright Copper Spray I could find, In the end I went with Rust-Oleum   picked up a can on eBay for £8.75 and believe me it goes a long way. I sprayed most of my plant pots, Phone Case and handles. All you need is a well ventilated area, Preferably outside this stuff stinks. Cover your area I sprayed bottom first and two coats and waited for them to be touch dry, It says 20 Mins but much sooner if it is a nice day. Turn Them right way and repeat your two coats. Done That simple. Like I said not revolutionary but I'm a lazy kinda gal :) So if you want to spruce up some items I highly recommend this Brand looks beautiful and it's so easy.

Here are the finished results, Beautiful Copper Brush Holders Formerly known as an Ikea Plant Pot :)
And all my handles from my Chest of Drawers and wardrobe. And I also cheered up my Eiffel tower..

I hope that gives you some ideas, And Happy DIYing haha :)

Take Care My Lovelies