Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Weekend of some amazing sport

I apologise to all my twitter and Facebook friends. My life the last few days have revolved around sports and the large problem was the tennis at the Brisbane international and the problem was the matches were being shown in the uk at 4am :) The last twenty four hours actually were the worst after watching snooker at the Munich open I think coverage of that starts pretty early in the am. But first was the semi final in Brisbane with Andy Murray and Kei Nishikori the first didn't start well for Murray and just when you think it's slipping he comes back and takes the set. That's why I love watching that guy. But straight after you knew there was trouble with Nishikori with his knee injury the Physio and himself trying to get himself prepared for the second set unfortunately he pulled out after two games so it finished 6-4, 2-0 with Murray through to the final. I'm guessing he is mad about about that but what can you do. So with that short match and a nap I watched the snooker nothing amazing to report about other than Robertson being knocked out and I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with those golden curly locks ;)

The prep for a 4am final is brutal well not really a movie and some snacks, then moved on to a Federer book but the waiting was tiring lol.

After the doubles Murray and Dimitrov took to the court and I have never seen Grigor play before but wow! As the first few games were played even I started to watch hand over eyes Dimitrov was amazing but then in true Murray fashion came back to take the first set. But I mean to take nothing from Grigor he is going to be an amazing tennis star it was just in inexperience that cost him the set. After some more amazing tennis and fabulous aces Murray clinched the two opening sets 7-6, 6-4 to defend his Brisbane title but it was for sure not easy Dimitrov made him work for every game and when it's your first ATP final against the world number three is impressive.

                                                                                             (Image from Google)

So I left the world of twitter and ESPN to go to sleep at nearly 7am but it was worth every minute.
Then I woke up in prep for football did I mention Liverpool fan too. So for the rest off the week I'm going to watch snooker and relax. Waiting for the clash at ally pally starting the 2013 master I cannot wait I already have a ticket to go watch trump on the 15th I do love love a good snooker season. So again I Apologise again but with a good sorts season ahead I don't think my twitter rampage is anywhere near over :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 Now, live it, the prime time of your life!

Okay so I know a lot of people are doing this 2012 blog post but I really feel I have too just to document it for myself so I can look back and know even though I had the toughest time of my life a lot of struggles but still had the best year so far!

Okay I know it's cliche saying that but I had a horrible problem with going anywhere I was terrified the thought that I have to go too London was so exiting but I didn't know how I was going to cope I hate being crowed and I'm terribly shy. I woke the day for iMats with butterflies that many people and one of my favourite people to watch on YouTube was there doing meet-ups and i knew I had to meet her as she has inspired me throughout the years not only makeup wise personally. So I arrived at Alexandra palace nervous I was there alone! I have never put myself in that situation before. I cued up and spotted Bautifulfreak if you don't know her channel and I just walked past I couldn't do it how do you walk up to people you have watched for years and never met. I don't what got into me I thought why are you being such a chicken she does the same thing as you and improbably just as nervous meeting people she does not know so I just walked over and was like hi Maxine I'm kelly I love your channel, she was so lovely we had a chat did the obvious make up shop and exchanged numbers. I left so proud of myself that i went alone and conquered a few fears I know this probably sounds strange to some people but I used to get so anxious to the point of panic attacks.

I met up back with my partner and we decided right we are going being touristy and just going enjoying the sights of London something you often forget when your there. We went round for hours taking wonderful pictures and just loving being there.

If you follow me on twitter you may know I am a huge snooker fan so after London I knew i could go sit
there in a snooker match surrounded by people . We bought last minute tickets to the welsh open final got in the car and drove to Newport. I was so exited my first snooker match and an amazing final it was.

I don't know where I go from there I went to see three of my favourite bands Korn, Mcfly and cradle of filth as well as an amazing artist Emilie autumn. I couldn't stand be at gigs to crowded and I would be stuck at the back not at these I pushed myself to the the front and actually got to see the bands. Cradle of filth sticks in my mind I have been a fan forever and really wanted to see them live but they never do gigs in the uk. So as I was sat on Facebook cradle announced they would do a one warm up gig in the uk! So exited then I saw Cambridge I couldn't possibly right then I don't know I bought the tickets straight away without even thinking if I could go. But I did stayed of again got some amazing pictures.

College was getting harder in the beginning of the year, I had a damaged back at Physio trying to loose weight. The pressure is always on at the beginning. But I fought to keep my places was finally training to do some thing I love. I was asked to do a fashion show at the high school I used to attend and then all off a sudden the university next to us needed some make up artists for there short film. I got to be the lead put together a team and design the make up. It was a gruelling week of filming but I loved it but could I Do that for a living not long after another projects came up salmebury hall were commissioning a short film to play there.

Witches, scary hall I'm there. But behind the scenes and smiles I was losing my Antie to cancer and my filming schedules were making it difficult to see her. The week at filming at Salmsbury I went to see her and she was so exited about this project I asked her would she be mad if I didn't do it so I could come see her more, safe to say she held at me and told me I was crazy go and do your job I will be here when you have finished. By the end of the week she took a turn for the worst I filmed all Friday sat in the hospice all night then went back filming the Saturday we finished early so I got the Sunday off. Sunday morning she passed away.

After that I was never letting another chance pass me by.
College was more difficult with more time off they wanted me out! I was devastated I worked so hard safe to say after a few harsh words I could go back and complete my course funny thing was I was one of the first to finish.

Then after me and my friend decided we would go stay in the lakes and relax after such a awful course.
The summer was amazing and I'm not one for it normally but everything was amazing jubilee bunting and the London 2012 Olympics and I celebrated by traveling around Britain I even went to Sussex to work by myself less successful but I went all the same. I was reading eat pray love at the time :)

Autumn was coming and I was slowly building a portfolio and then I met the most amazing people ever at Pink Productions who have taken me under there wing as part of there crew! Best part we got to live and film in a castle! I was so scared of being away that length of time would I panic? Truth is by the end of the week it felt like a family and I was so sad when i went home.
I still work with them and they are genuinely the most amazing inspiring people they make me want to work harder.

Then I slowed down for winter to spend time with my family. I'm so glad for every tear this year all the hard work. For every person who changed my life Sophie made me optimistic, Trevor made me push myself further, all the crew at pink Tony, Yvonne, Dom,Gaz and Adam it really has been great to work with you all. Even the actors i know there.

So all in all if I can do all that in the worst time in my life what can The best bring.
Sorry for the length of the post but I didn't want to miss anything or anyone.
Hope you have all had a great Christmas and new year bring on 2013