Saturday, 11 December 2010

What I,m Loving Right Now! 2

Yes i am not a faithful blogger but in my defense i have a chest infection! but in reality i,m lazy haha! i,m finding it hard to to write about make-up i love make-up i,m not buying i lot i,m more using key pieces using same shades and mixing and maching! they fact i have only used two lipsticks in the last 2 months says it all and i only got one of them last week :) i finally went to mac but was uninspired so i went for boring realible!

Mac Lip Pencil In Shade Subculture
Nice realible medium brown loving this faded in to creme d nude lipstick :)

Mac Satin Lipstick In Shade Snob
i have wanted to purchase this for a while but i thought ahh well and i love that is is a satin it really glides on and the it,s so creamy and feels so moisturising the lovely rose tinted lips to give my pale complexion some life this winter.

This is my sad little mac palette that needs a burst of colour but is never going to get it :)
this weeks purchases were Twinks and Gesso.
Yes a matt white white and another golden brown!
i think i want some more chocolate browns to add so any suggetions????

So this is what iam am wearing almost everyday if you want to know more about these products check out

My Victorian Cameo Necklace
Yes i,m going through a victorian phase i am loving anything dated from this period at the moment so what are you Loving Right Now???