Thursday, 17 June 2010

My Emo Scene Hair

Sunday, 13 June 2010

P!nk Live At The Reebok Stadium

P!nk Live At The Reebok Stadium

Week i managed to score myself a free pink ticket to go watch her at the Reebok stadium in horwich or some call Bolton haha!! and all i can say is Whoa!! She is SO amazing live i can,t actually believe it i did manage to get a couple of photo,s and video,s before my battery died on my camera:( and made a video and posted it on my youtube channel so hope you enjoy! She had some amazing supporting acts like butch walker, city and colour and hockey it was a long day they stadium opened their doors at five butch came on at six then city and colour then hockey pink came on just before 9 so much beer was drank!:~) Amazing the only problem was the Reebok deciding to charge £4 a bottle robbing gits! and then getting stuck on tesco car park on the way home! At £50 a ticket definitely worth the money Even though i did,nt pay! So if you went or have seen pink live leave your comments or post video,s in my comments on my YouTube video would love to see! So hope everybody had an amazing weekend!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Lady Gaga Inspired Prison Make-up

I Hate Being Busy!!

I,m so sorry guys i am totally lagging on my blog posts and my YouTube videos i,m so busy with college it,s killing me with the time i had off with my back for stupidly falling down the stairs i now have to make up 690 hours and that,s as well as making sure all my assessments, exams, oral questions done. But i,m on my last 4 weeks so the end is nigh! I finish on the 7th of July then hopefully i will pass and have my nvq level 2 in beauty therapy so i,l be a fully qualified beautician SO yeah!!!! I just hope all this stress is worth it apart from all that i,m looking forward to the leaving do!

On a more exiting note i,m going watching pink live at the Reebok stadium on Saturday so that,s gonna be super fun and i hope i get some great pictures to post i have a couple of posts i wanna do on some nail polishes i got but apart from that i,l leave it here!