Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Blog Face Lift Inspires

Okay yes i have technically been blogging for awhile but i just gave my blog a make-over so now i now feel inspired to blog everything lol. Although i will spare you the boring details :) As my blog has been just make-up related which is fine but that is only one side of me! So they blog is going crazy with more body mods yes but i am now going to share my fashion sense yes i say sense in the fact that i am not a follow of fashion i tend to sway to vintage Victorian styles but down stop reading yet! It maybe vintage and sorta weird sometimes but it is also modern who does not love a tea dress in summer. So i hope you subscribe to my blog and hope to hear some of your thoughts what would YOU like me to tell you about myself. Take care xx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette

This is Urban Decay's 15 Anniversary palette
Yes i got mine happy to say if you want to check out this palette go to the  Debenhams Website To see. i love my Urban Decay palettes :) .All the swatches are without a base or primer.


The Colours starting with
 Midnight Rodeo is a Brown Gold With Silver shimmer
Tainted Is A Pinky Lavender Colour With Gold Shimmer
Deeper Dark Brown With Golden Shimmer
Right To Left
Deeper, Tainted, Midnight Rodeo
Midnight 15 Oyster Pearl With Silver Glitter
Junkshow Bright Pink With Blue Undertones
M.I.A  Dark Velvet Brown (Bronze)
Right To Left
M.I.A, Junkshow, Midnight 15
Vanilla White Gold
Omen Bright Purple With Blue Undertones
Ace Gunmetal Grey
Right To Left
Ace, Omen Vanilla
Flow Soft Peach Shimmer
Evidence Deep Purple/Blue Shimmer
Blackout Matt Black
Right To Left
Blackout, Evidence, Flow
Chase Bright Bronze
Deep End Bright Teal
Half Truth Deep Purple Grey Undertones
Right To Left
Half Truth, Deep End Chase

On another not i finally got the naked palette yes i know im only nearly a year late on the bandwagon :)
I,m not going to swatch and write up because there will be thousands of blog posts on this but i did get a couple of pics.