Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Who Is Your Favourite Guru???

Well my favourite guru is going to be no surprise to anyone because she is most people's favourite! But " Drum Roll" It's Kandee Johnson! There i told you no surprise! not original I'll grant you but my honest opinion! and although there are allot of Kandee haters out there who leave the most vile comments the good fans by far out way the bad.

The reason she is my favourite is because she is so creative and by far the best make-up artist on YouTube! ( My opinion) not only is she so talented she is the most super nice person to watch and to speak to! she has inspired me in so many ways! i don't have to give up my dreams and get a normal job! i just have be determined and fight for what i believe in! she is a great role model not just in her a career as a mum.
I spoke to her a few weeks ago about coming off YOUTUBE BECAUSE OF NASTY COMMENTS! but she said to me no don;t do believe in yourself and shrug it of if she listened to every nasty comment she would not be here! and she is right!
i,m devastated to not be able to go to London glaminars to meet her as someone in the trade and just to say thank you for all your support even though i never met you before in my life! my birthday is on the 20Th and because i,m a student tried to beg someone to get me the present of a lifetime! at no avail i write this blog! to send to her!
Thank you for being you!!!! that Lil cupcake is very lucky to have you as you are them! :) Cheese over
You have made me a better make-up artist then any classes. "Fact"

So who is your favourite guru? are you like me and live in kandeeland??? ha ha! i,d love to here about it!