Thursday, 15 September 2011

Products Im Loving Right Now

Okay this is massively delayed but here it is :)
Anything Vintage looking is making into my collection lately Cameos and what not but i think this is so nice when you want to layer necklaces i tend not to wear it too much with my top skin diver rejecting.

Mac 217 I believe is the only mac brush i would say yes buy there are so many on the market but this brush i use everyday so i did get my money back it is so versatile it can be used in so many different ways!! I can live alone with this brush pacts on colour to the lid, apply color to crease, blends great do smokey looks, and use to highlight brow bone.

Fresh Cannabis Santal
I always chuckle at "THIS SMELLS LIKE MARIJUANA" reviews. Just because you *think* you smelled it at a party 20 years ago, doesn't mean you know what it smells like.
So no, you don't have to worry about smelling like a dopehead when you wear this.
While on that subject... thankfully the patchouli isn't a prominent note in this fragrance.
It does open up with a very recognizable sandalwood scent. It is for now my everyday scent i love the smell a few hours after on my scarf Happy face.

Mac Fluidline In Blacktrack & Kohl Pencil In Smoulder
Oh yes i have been happily slapping on  my eye-liner lately no big wings just a sultry dark eye. Does it have to be mac? No im just using mine up but i do prefer smoulder to to a lot of pencils because it soft and i feel safer just washing it around the waterline without doing myself injury.

Nude Lipsticks
Yes i always like nudes but i wanted to post this as an either/or Because they are so similar with different prices tags The  first Mac Creme D Nude i have a lot of love for this lipstick but if you don't want to pay £12.50 for another nude lipstick then i would go for the second choice which is Gosh Darling. 


so big difference in price is that Gosh is only £6.50 But i will loving wear both.

More Lippies

Clinique Black Honey
I saw this colour and instantly thought it was going to be a dark lip. At least i was pleasantly surprised

 Just a nice rosy lip. This can be applied as sheer as you like to give a nice tint to the lip without looking like your wearing any.

Mac's Snob
Yes it's pretty much been my staple of the summer i am starting to use it less as it hits autumn but a colour that will always be a favourite as long as i don't have cracked lips :)

So that's everything for now but i expect a big change as it hits autumn so watch this space lol that means shopping,