Monday, 4 July 2011

Camelot Cancelled!!!

Now like i said i love shows like this and when i heard they where making the show!!! Exited face :) What got my more exited that they were using the  Le Morte d'Arthur book as a starting point ! Not Bad Then it came to the cast less excitement:( 

 The Only Good thing i can say about the casting is what a good choice Joseph Fiennes as Merlin was. I loved him in Shakespeare in love and Elizabeth more history :) And how he played this role will not go amiss! Like i said best part of the programme.
Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur Now this is were i had my problem Arthur is described as a young handsome man who is just and what not but no offence to the guy i just didn't feel it if you are going to make Camelot make sure you cast someone who you can actually see as a king he is not a bad actor he just couldn't do this part for me sorry don't hate me!

Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere Pfft now it gets worse now Tamsin is most known for her role in St trinians yes!!! as the ditzy blonde no offence i do not agree with this choice for Guinevere. the story of her and Arthur was just to meek! do not forget Guinevere liked her men like i like hot dinners.

Eva Green as Morgan Now i don't think Eva was a bad choice they just liked to get her naked Good job she is stunning Yes Morgan not so nice and she did have sex with Arthur to have is son which just as evil! At least she will get a new job.
So why didn't the series work????
I think a few things put the nails in the coffin so to speak casting as i said the story was not bad and when you have a great writer like Michael Hirst which is why i tuned in because of his work on The Tudors and the epic Movie Elizabeth. Maybe his commitment on The Borgias was a strain??
Now they are rumours that the cast themselves had problems getting all back together in place due to schedules that shows true commitment haha! And there is also the budget the cost to make this is as much or maybe more to Game Of Thrones! Yep And another reason is that pesky show i love that show nothing compares to Game Of Thrones right now the adapted the book so well for the first season and showing that and Camelot at the same time not a wise choice Just bad timing.
But i am sad it has not been renewed as we saw in the season finale Morgan tricking Arthur to sleeping with her and thus having a child But oh well you will have to read the book to find out! Well i still wish the show a save journey to Avalon. Lame attempt at a joke.
Hope you like this blog post something a little different for me but i do watch alot of shows :)