Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ear Lobe Stretching

So i,m currently stretching my ear lobes and a few people wanted me to tell them how i do it so here it is this hopefully will a be a beginners guide to lobe stretching.

First of all will your work place let you stretch? And will it in the future make getting yourself a job harder?
These are questions you need to ask yourself!! The reason i say this is because i'm stretching but i will only go to a 6mm because i do not know where i will be in a few years time and do not know if it will acceptable remember 8mm is the point of no return but this does not apply to everyone!! Everybody is different!

  • You will need a lobe piercing to stretch if you have it pierced just to stretch remember to wait until it is fully healed!! this is important it will cause unessesery  pain and maybe infection.
  • So Your piercing is fully healed! Time To begin i recommend a kit personally to get you started it can be a cheaper option rather than buying seperatly every two weeks! And the materials i recommend are steel you want to avoid other materials eg acrylic silicone until your ear is fully healed again the reason for this is little holes in the acrylic which will be a breeding zone for bacteria which will lead to infections. Here is what i use to stretch.

The above link is to the kit im stretching with with 6 different sizes to move you up comfortably and safely. 

In this kit you will receive
  • 1.6mm (14 Gauge)
  • 2.0mm (12 Gauge)
  • 2.4mm (10 Gauge)
  • 3.2mm (8 Gauge)
  • 4.0mm (6 Gauge)
  • 5.0mm (4 Gauge)

You need to find out at what size you are pierced with it is usually a 1.6mm but can vary!

Start Stretching :)

With Your stretchers you need to sterilize them before letting them come in contact with your ears! Boiling water in a cup with do the trick but it has to be extremely hot! To work.
Massage your ears on the upcoming week of your first stretch this will make them supple.
Clean your ears with a anti bacterial soap and your hands make sure everything you use is clean.
You can use a lubricant to help the stretch jojoba oil is a good choice but use very little or your fingers will slide around! press through the piercing if it does not go through all way comfortably fine use the o rings to secure in place and slide through to the thickest part of jewellery over the course of the day! It is not  a race take your time pushing to far to soon will cause bleeding and also could cause infection! stretching should not hurt as soon as it starts stop leave it a while! Once your jewellery is in fully enjoy :)


You Have made your first stretch but you need to take care of it clean like it is a fresh piercing up to 3 times a day make sure your ear is moisturised this is were jojoba oil comes in handy :) make sure to move the jewellery around everyday! This Should take two weeks to heal but again everyone is different!

When Can I Next Stretch

When it is fully healed after two weeks you can move up to the next size repeating the process!


Stretching is not a race you need to let your ears heal in-between stretches Your body tissue needs to heal and adjust to grow new cells!

And this is where i end this post i am currently sitting at my first week and 2.4mm (10 Gauge) This process works for me and is the best in my opinion .

My Next 3 Stretches

Take your time and love your lobes avoid infection :) please feel free to ask any questions you might have.