Thursday, 21 July 2011

Does Youtube Intimate You?

Do you have a youtube channel? Do you upload videos? Well i do and i have to stay it is getting pretty scary on there. I can safety say i am managing to deal with the haters you can never make anyone happy but when it comes to other beauty gurus i have to say i'm getting intimated not by them them selves but the subscribers i have received messages countless times saying i'm copying such a person and that I'm not popular and no subscribers so i should just give up!
Nice uh! Well i have to say i came pretty damn close to giving up yesterday! i uploaded a video about it and i woke up this morning to nice comments from my subbies love you guys :)
So guess what haters IM NOT GOING :) i love doing make-up and making videos why should i let some people ruin it. Yes i may not have thousands of subbies but i love the 58 i have :) haha you heard me.
So i am currently uploading a little review of something different and have just filmed a long waited request so i hope you will be happy i'm staying.
How do you feel about youtube and commenting or just the beauty guru's in general le me know i have to i am now fascinated haha :)