Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Finding Your Style

There,s always in high school identity crisis because your at a young impressionable age there,s always girls who are prettier than you more popular than you and i remember being the same too i changed my look every week dyed my hair colour every week it makes me wonder if it,s getting any easier or is it still exactly the same? i mean when i was at school i always sort of felt rubbish mainly because the lack of money my family had so i wasn't dressed like everyone Else and did,nt have the same things as everyone else only really my last year of school i stopped caring and did my own thing and i made allot more friends because i wasn't scared anymore don,t carry on reading if you don,t get this but i find the way we define ourselves e.g hair clothes make-up is a little bit rubbish i mean i don,t wear make-up to give me confidence or as a mask of some kind i do it because i think of it as an art form and it can enhance natural beauty not making your self orange and bleaching your hair so you,l look like your friend it all comes down to trying to fit in and all i can say is I=t,s something i will struggle with too and i don,t think it necessarily gets any better the older you get but i think it,s something you get used to i find friends family and a good sense of self that helps but i won,t change so that peole prefer of like me better because if they don,t like me the way i am there not friends worth having in the first place so i post this ramble to see other perspectives on this and maybe help someone too. thanks for reading and thanks to my subscribers.xxxxxxxxxxx