Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Ever Growing Collection

Well this is some of my collection ha ha but i thought i,d do abit of a review of some of the latest additions so i,ll get started!

This is Barry m in shade 308 which is berry but i,m confused because when i ordered it just said pale purple which is the shade lollipop26 was currently on about on her blog but probably is just a re market of the same product but anyways i still think it,s a really pretty spring colour it does apply thickly so you have to be careful but two coats it,s gorgeous and shiny.

As if you could,nt tell this is Essie in shade 702 which is mint candy apple there is allot of hype about this product and yes i do think it,s a lovely colour it,s kind of expensive for what it is and if you can get it cheap i would definitely advise but if your like me and having to pay 8 or 9 pound for it you might be able to skip it lot,s of other company,s ar now doing dupe,s like Revlon and Barry m so i think there definitely worth trying out!

This is Essie in shde 544 which is Need A Vacation nice pretty pink but again you can find cheaper dupes so i guess i just can,t justify spending that much on a nail polish enough said!

This is Essie 281 which is Barbados Blue all i can say is waste of money it defitely was not the colour i thought it would be. I thought more opaque it is just so sheer HATE IT!

Another disaster of a blue it is Barry m 287 which is Aqua Blue? Total confusion to glittery for and not a bright enough blue!

So i mixed the two blues together and still rubbish it maybe your taste but not mine!

And Finally Barry m 293 which is grey is my fav at the minute i love rocking this look simple clean no shimmer! So That,s What i think but this is only my taste it might not be yours so tell me what your favourite colours are this spring?