Thursday, 22 April 2010

Viva Glam Style Your Lips All For A Good Cause

Okay so you must have seen the pictures and if you haven't picked
up a viva glam lipsticks or lip glass DO IT NOW! it,s for such a good cause raising awareness and donating the money for HIV and aids! i love the message with the lipstick is a reminder to protect yourself! so i just had my viva glam gaga delivered today and even though it,s a lustre i love i think it,s now my favourite lipstick it is a bubble gum pink but don,t let that put you off it does not go on intense it,s a great lipstick in the fact you can have it as sheer or intense as you want and it feels so hydrating and the usuall overkill vanilla smell as even been toned down and the same for the viva glam Cyndi it does look true red but it isn't it is more coral witch is beautiful so i will be putting an order in for that one. so splash your cash for a good cause. and i love the packaging on the boxes are signature's of the stars. If you don,t fancy either shades try the original viva glam collection or lip glasses. well that,s my gush over it lol! the limited shades i think are available for a year so i think i might be buying bake-ups ha ha thanks for reading xxx