Saturday, 20 March 2010

Urban Decay,s Book Of Shadows The Alice In Wonserland Palette

Created exclusively for Tim Burton,s adaptation of Alice in wonderland, this project was a (slightly hallucinogenic) dream come true. Our 16 gorgeous shade were inspired by tiny Alice's trip through the mushroom forest... a "curiouser and curiouser" hike through twisted vines and sky scraping toadstools.
Okay so Ive been eagerly awaiting this palette for months and i completely obsessed about it so much to the point that i was going to be so let down. But luckily it SO was,nt and it,s now my priced piece in my make-up collection. Ive done two completely different looks already. I think that it is a must have for anybody who loves make-up so let,s get to the colours.
1) Underland (Original Name - Flash)Is a beautiful royal purple.
2) Alice (Orinal Name - Painkiller) Is a rich turquoise.
3) Oraculum (Original Name Name - Baked) A rich Bronzed Gold.
4) Queen (Original Name - Last Call) Dark rich cherry.
5) Chessur (Original Name - Chopper) Dark Bronze.
6) White Rabbit (Original Name - Polyester Bride) Ivory Shimmer.
7) Wonderland (Original Name - Maui Wowie) A rich no yellowing gold.
8) Curiouser (Original Name - Grifter) A light shimmery lilac/
9) Muchness (Original Name - X) Coral pinky peach with gold shimmer.
10) Mushroom (Original Name - Mushroom) A dark chocolate brown.
11) Midnight Tea Party (Original Name - Midnight Cowboy Rides Again)shimmery gold.
12) Vorpal (Original Name - S&M) Silvery grey shimmer.
13) Absolem (Original Name - Homegrown) Fresh Grass with shimmer.
14) Drink me, Eat Me (Original Name - Sin) Wedding style pink.
15) Mad Hatter (Original Name - Twice Baked)A rich Chocolate brown.
16) Jabberwocky (Original Name - Oil Slick) Charcoal Black with shimmer.
You also get your urban decay primer potion travel size as well as 2 24/7 Eye pencils in shade zero and flipside the zero is a charcoal black and the flipside is a lovely turquoise. So as you can see you get an awful lot that,s alot of different looks an the gorgeous limited edition pop-up packaging again it is a must have it has sold out at most stores so it,s tricky to get your hands on one so keep checking eBay for good deals!! And i hope you love it as much i i love mine!!