Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Hair Journey

So i decided to undertake a hair experiment! Yes i know i never change my hair the hardest hair decisions i make lately are which shade of black :P So to my surprise i decided on something drastic Purple Hair and i do not mean dark i mean violet bright :) So with years of black in hair i knew this was not going to be the easiest thing to do. But i decided against full head to much damage for me so just the front part which sounds strange i know :) I could have done it professionally for lots of £££ But i decided to do it my self with hair experience what so ever so it was trial and error haha! I decided to just bleach the black out and apply my violet i knew it was going to take a couple of bleaches to get the brightest but i did one a week so i will show you the scary colours of my hair :)


So here are a few of the pictures i saw that really made me want to take the plunge.

Love this hair and maybe next time i will add some pink what do you think?

Yes it is kind of scene hair but i don't care i love this style and it suits my chubby face :)

My Hair Journey

Okay starting with the products i went for Manic Panic bleaching kit i did go for 40 vol but i have black hair and i needed a loft of lift but if your hair is light or you dont want any damage please get less volume like a 30 or 20 % vol.
The purple i choose was Violet by La Riche Directions it is pretty well known and nicely priced :)

Scary stuff :)

The Process

So first i sectioned of what i wanted to colour then applied the bleach to dry unwashed hair i just did sections at a time working my way round leaving the roots for last.

This is the amazing shade it turned out :p just shampoo no conditioner i put the violet on wrapped in a attractive plastic bag and let it marinate for a few hours!

1st Result

luscious locks :) brighter at the roots to be expected from the first bleach.

The Cut

Oh yeah at daft o'clock in the morning before college i decided to cut my hair MYSELF!!

Oh It made it look brighter :)

2nd Bleach

Went for the same products but introduced a white toner for after bleaching.

Slapped on to my section midlegnth to ends for a good 30- 40 mins

Haha the last ten minutes applied to my roots :)

The Result Of Bleach

A chavvy blonde :) ewww

After the white toner much better :) Now the fun part slapping on the violet :)

Yes i am still washing it off my face :)

The Result

Not Great Pics :(

So i can safely say i have a bright purple head yes i did not escape damage to the ends of my hair so there will be nights of olive oil hair treatments but i am happy that i only have to bleach the roots now :) Unless i change colour which is very probable i,m thing go through the rainbow.

I hope you enjoyed this little ramble  i was a scary move for me but i love it now :) you need a change for summer right?? So what is your summer hair experiment i would love to know and recommendations of products :) Take care xx