Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Little Thing Called Mac

Okay so most people know what mac cosmetics is! There collections still make us want everything or nothing. But my mac obsession has only just started it,s in the month i have really started to order from mac regularly. So i thought i would share them with you.

I have six more shadows to complete this palette haha but Ive been buying a few lately i thought i would start with the classic eyeshadow and take you through them :)
MAC Gesso is a matte eyeshadow you can use as lid colour a highlight i thought this would be the most boring but i use nearly everyday perfect for inner corner highlight
it is not as pigmented as most eyeshadow so you do have to pack it on for the white effect.
Mac Vanilla is a flesh tone colour with silver shimmer i have used this for highlighting and it may look lovely for a lid colour but i think i will stay with the pigment for more use.
Mac Yogurt is a very light pink flesh tone not an amazing for everyone shadow because not everyone can see it but lovely lid colour for during the day with a darker colour in the crease.
Mac Wood-winked a veluxe pearl shadow described on the MAC website as “warm antique gold amazing on lid and always appearing on YouTube.
Mac Tempting This is my favorite shade of brown! It looks great on any skin tone with any eye and hair color. It has the just the slightest gold shimmer to it.
Mac All That Glitters Made famous from a certain beauty guru :)A great warm brown with fine frosty shimmer and a long lasting colour defiantly a must have.
Mac Sable Very versatile color. I'd describe is as a shimmery plummy taupe/brown with a hint of bronze in it. lovely on the lid.
Mac Antiqued It's a copper bronze with a brown base. lovely with wood-winked on the lid and this in the crease.
Mac Haux rosey/mauvey/slightly brown shade. a staple in my collection i love to do a pin-up eye with this in the crease.
Mac Brun deep brown colour. great for smoking out eyes and to fill in those brows.
Mac Satin Taupe Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer (Frost)amazing lid colour.
Mac Twinks Dirty plum with gold reflects (Veluxe Pearl) it's very blendable. I use it in the crease or outer corner and a sell out on the mac website for the last couple of weeks!
Remember these palettes are investments.

Mac Please Me Perfect, gorgeous warm toned pink

Mac Russian Red Intense bluish-red (Matte)

Mac Lip Liner Cherry Vivid bright bluish-red Swatch underneath Russian Red.
These have been my staples over Christmas.

And They stay on so long in conjunction with each other :) amazing Red lip.

Not that interesting but i thought i would give the duo eyelash glue a try other glues just don,t dry properly or just makes for ugly lashes i do say well done to this product but had to wait till it wasn't white anymore so might go for the dark glue next.
And that,s my mac for the month as i am now saving for the eagerly awaited in the UK the Mac Cham pale collection.

All i can say is i want everything this is set to be the best collection i have seen for a while! might even have to break the haul video ban for a review :)

So with all that that said i hope you have had a fabulous Christmas and new year!!