Saturday, 16 February 2013

Collection & Storage ideas

I've been asked for years for a collection video and how I store my make up but I've never have purely because haven't stored well :) everything has just been thrown in various places to be honest. Last few years I've noticed I keep loosing things so something had to be done. And thanks to the wonderful YouTube I browsed many videos on storage a few things stuck but I wanted my own little spin.

Just to put this out there before I start showing pictures I did not do this to brag I am not showing my collection to say look how much money I have spent. These things were not purchased at once this is something that has been built over many years and hard work yes I'm proud of it and was hesitant to show everyone because I don't want people to think I'm showing off so I've just took a few pictures as an over few. The biggest part is the storage itself you spend a lot of money over the years and when you have a few items its important to organise things or it turns into a nightmare when your trying to find one thing.

The best thing I purchased is the muji storage drawers one it looks clean and you can see what your looking for. The big drawers for my lipsticks have been a lifesaver I can see what I want and grab it and they fit perfectly and I have another for lip-glosses. The smaller drawers fit various things currently holding paint pots and liners.

The six section pot is a great idea I get to separate eye-liners lip liners, primers all that jazz really and I also have one for my brushes I just put a few beads in so they stand up right.
One thing I couldn't live without are tins I am a little obsessed yes but they are a great cute way of hiding items.

Earrings are a nightmare for me if I didn't have this stand I swear I would not have a pair! So this a great way to keep them all together.

My drawers now we go into unknown territory everything used to be thrown in :( hangs head shocking I know. So to keep things organised I use my empty glossy boxes to keep things separate one for samples face creams lashes and then in my bottom draw all my palettes. Yes I have a real urban decay problem I do have another palette but its MIA :(

So as you see not that fancy or expensive most are biscuit tins and plastic I'm sure there are lots of muji style cases available on eBay to purchase cheaper to be honest.
I keep all my kit make-up separate and I don't think that's so interesting and still needs organising :) I hope this gives somebody tips and ideas i think it's just a nice way to display and organise without going Cray Cray.

I am not affiliated with glossy box or any other company mentioned all products and storage was purchased by myself with my own money.