Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Weekend of some amazing sport

I apologise to all my twitter and Facebook friends. My life the last few days have revolved around sports and the large problem was the tennis at the Brisbane international and the problem was the matches were being shown in the uk at 4am :) The last twenty four hours actually were the worst after watching snooker at the Munich open I think coverage of that starts pretty early in the am. But first was the semi final in Brisbane with Andy Murray and Kei Nishikori the first didn't start well for Murray and just when you think it's slipping he comes back and takes the set. That's why I love watching that guy. But straight after you knew there was trouble with Nishikori with his knee injury the Physio and himself trying to get himself prepared for the second set unfortunately he pulled out after two games so it finished 6-4, 2-0 with Murray through to the final. I'm guessing he is mad about about that but what can you do. So with that short match and a nap I watched the snooker nothing amazing to report about other than Robertson being knocked out and I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with those golden curly locks ;)

The prep for a 4am final is brutal well not really a movie and some snacks, then moved on to a Federer book but the waiting was tiring lol.

After the doubles Murray and Dimitrov took to the court and I have never seen Grigor play before but wow! As the first few games were played even I started to watch hand over eyes Dimitrov was amazing but then in true Murray fashion came back to take the first set. But I mean to take nothing from Grigor he is going to be an amazing tennis star it was just in inexperience that cost him the set. After some more amazing tennis and fabulous aces Murray clinched the two opening sets 7-6, 6-4 to defend his Brisbane title but it was for sure not easy Dimitrov made him work for every game and when it's your first ATP final against the world number three is impressive.

                                                                                             (Image from Google)

So I left the world of twitter and ESPN to go to sleep at nearly 7am but it was worth every minute.
Then I woke up in prep for football did I mention Liverpool fan too. So for the rest off the week I'm going to watch snooker and relax. Waiting for the clash at ally pally starting the 2013 master I cannot wait I already have a ticket to go watch trump on the 15th I do love love a good snooker season. So again I Apologise again but with a good sorts season ahead I don't think my twitter rampage is anywhere near over :)