Friday, 1 June 2012

"There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England".

Now if you a little queasy on national pride you may want to look away :)
The uk has a big weekend coming up for little queenies diamond jubilee and as an extra the Olympic torch has just passed through Bolton and Horwich very exiting and i will breeze past the Eurovision last weekend where our song placed second to last, but too be fair i much preferred turkish and Swedish song  :) plus little Russian grannies dancing equals why i heart Eurovision.

I am going to share some pictures some very humiliating :) (Alvin Hoody)
So for Eurovision every year we have a little party few shots for nil point i gave up after a while :) so that always means dress up ridiculously. I have too as a make-up freak i have to try something out.

I safely decided to sport the Union jack and the irish ( Heart Jedward) which is better than the quiff i had last year :).
If you you want to know how i did this let me know. And there was little newspaper boat hats for turkey. Yes i am aware mental! But i didn,t make them so it,s ok.

Swiftly moving on i then decided to move my favourite most worn lipsticks in my new jubilee tin :)

And then of course you have to jazz up the old nails so there appropriate.

Then chaos descended as the Olympic torch hit Bolton i some how managed to get tickets for the celebration event as the flame was staying overnight so we got a little gig got to see the wombats (Awesome) plus there lots of things to do and stands and what not. Shame however having to be stood in a big field all day the heat wave finally broke = limp frizzy hair. But all in all an amazing day which was sure to get you all patriotic and jazzed about the Olympics.

And the most amazing for me was i got to hold the torch :) this made me happy even though millions have already but it's the little things, queue Shame face.

Yes a giant chipmunk holding the torch * hands covering face in shame*  ah well might as well do it with style :).
And the jubilee is set for week what are your plans? street party s? or plain old bank holiday piss-ups? All i can say i will defiantly do to salute the queen is and a nice g+t.
Have a lovely extra long weekend.