Monday, 5 March 2012

Lime Crime China Doll Palette

Lime has just released it first palette to my knowledge (i may not be correct). So the idea that this is there first in many im guessing fantasy inspired palettes and this being china doll. And i will start with the packaging AMAZING okay so lime crime are known for the purple with unicorn but i think this is kinda perfect for one its in a tin which means its perfect to travel with and does not take up any space.

So we open the palette up and go wow! beautifully pressed eye shadows.
  • Fly Dragon Fly (Bright Red Matte)
  • Parasol (Sky Blue Matte)
  • Goldfish (Bright Gold Metallic
  • Jade-O- Lade ( Rich Jade Matte)
  • Lotus Noir (Blackest Black Matte

So you can see from the swatches amazing pigmentation i knew the lipsticks were amazingly opaque but i never imagined the eye shadows would be the same. So it would only be fair to tell you the good and bad points.

  • Amazing pigmentation what you see is what you get and that's without primer.
  • Good quality No chalky residue or fallout.
  • Handy sized great tin case for travel.
  • mix with water and make wonderful eye liner.
  • Vegan Friendly Cruelty Free

  •  I Hate to put this but if your not a colourful person avoid these aren't    necessarily everyday colours great from make up artists kits and creative.

Yes that's the only bad thing i have to say about now the price could be in either i think the price is subjective to how much do you want the product. In the states this retails for $34.99 And in the UK £22.05 And for five eye shadows i thinks that's pretty good for good quality. if  you want to check the site link is Here So i hope that was helpful i know it is sold out right now but i hope it helps to see if you would like this kind of product. I know eye shadow palettes are flying at the shelves at the moment
But not everyone is necessary :) unless you collect a lot of make up like me. Let me know what your favourite palettes that are around and why i love that. Hope your all having a wonderful Monday.