Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Self-Harm And My Halloween Tutorial

This Post has been a long time coming. At Halloween i filmed a little tutorial on how to make fake cuts or a slit wrist, Sadly people have not taken the video for what it was a Halloween make-up!!!! The amount of abuse i have received telling me that i am encouraging people to self harm or worst to try to commit suicide! This made me so angry and sad. I went to take the video down but stopped myself ! other people have made similar videos and some just taking the down right piss but that was never mt intention. But despite my info bar explaining and a big annotation saying please read the info before commenting The messages kept coming! To see the video in question follow the link!

Some of the comments about my weight i could not care about it's your opinion but some of the comments are just hateful so have either been removed or reported. But what did hurt me was the comments on encouraging self harm! As someone who suffers from depression daily and is still a everyday battle and has self harmed myself and you can read an older post of my story here My Story: Depression I just never would but i have had messages who have contacted me about a comment i made about my self harming and asked for advice which i am happy to do. So i thought i would put it all here together! Self harming is not something to be ashamed of do NOT be afraid to ask for help even though it is the most terrifying thing in world i know trust me and the first time i did i didn't have a great experience here is some anti-depressants i was a zombie and then was shifted on to all sorts treatment is still on going for me but in the end it will be worth it so i don't hurt my family friends and more importantly myself. Every story is different. ever trigger is different but all that matters is you gain control and seek help it might not be the doctors it might just be talking to someone, anyone! I don't want to go on and on i just needed to say this and i hope at least one person takes this post as it is honest.
So take care everyone :)