Thursday, 14 April 2011

In's And Out's 3

So there is alot of things Ive been trying out lately and alot has stayed the same. But i thought i would give you a little incite into what i have been liking and not liking.


Violin - Yes if you read my post on depression a few months ago i mentioned that i played the violin for years when i was younger i was rather good but i quit. Happy to say i took it back up before Christmas I'm pretty rusty but getting there and going to start taking regular lessons again. i know if i just play a few hours a week my mood improves so much i find it so relaxing.

This is my baby it new so does not sound as good as a vintage violin but well it is great to practice my lovely other half got it me for valentines hence the red velvet interior.

Looking a little rough but you get the idea favourite pieces to play at the moment apart from my rendition of twinkle twinkle little star is Bach's Largo and Mozart's Lacrimossa.

Cradle Of Filth - COF are one of British metal’s most consistent bands - and one of the most successful too. They've been going for nine albums now and have career sales of over one million. Those song/album titles are of a piece with the band's habit of fusing high and low culture in their lyrics. You’d think it would all be goblins and wizards, but there’s been biblical themes, an album dedicated to Medieval French resistance fighter Gilles De Rais, as well as whole records inspired by slasher films and Clive Barker novels.. But it beats singing about getting pissed every night. They Are not every one's cup of tea but i like them and have for many years now they do not get enough credit an old lady heard me listening to them the other day and said to her friend she is listening to devil music!!! yes devil music very mis-interpreted but a band that i think the band will be around for a long time.

Xena Warrior Princess - Yes it pains me to admit this but i have been downloading and watching Xena from the beginning! It reminds me of my youth like when channel five first started in the UK. And now watching the programme seeing the people who made it to be famous ha ha! and some who have just been in neighbours.
What programmes do you watch that reminds you of when you where young?

Piercings - 
That is the link to my piercings video from a month or so ago but i had two more :) i am a little addicted lately.

Can you see it? yes i had my tongue web pierced i finally found ago piercer who works in horwich tattoo shop called Roy he is really great and done two of mine now i went for a vertical scaffold/Industrial but my ears are too small :( so i just had my rook done :)

Very painful but so worth it. This maybe it for my ears now but you never know having urges to have some others but making sure i think them through which is always a good idea.


Coloured Hair - Yes a weird one but i have been toying with the idea of getting rid of the black in my hair but with black hair dye comes big problems which start when you want to get rid of it! You have the options of one stripping it out or two bleaching it out which causes major problems damage to your which is irreversible and you will probably have to cut most your hair out after :( so safe to say sticking with black for a while at least until my hair grows enough t o take a drastic cut after! So a way i have been introducing colour to my hair is clip in extensions i just bought some blonde human hair and then but what ever colour hair dye in i want :) easy without damaging my hair.

Yes that is one out for now :) I did film the Marie Antoinette tutorial but as usual having trouble with you-tube and uploading hd video's but i am trying and my other two looks are coming up:)
So what are you loving and hating at the moment???