Sunday, 10 April 2011

Caught Up Baby :)

As you know this blog has been poorly mistreated for awhile but i did a little post to tell  you that i switched my YouTube channel and have been uploading all the old videos to the new channel as well as filming and uploading new videos. But The good news is i,m back in business so to speak and have many more tutorials coming up. this blog i have given a complete make over and all the pictures down in the side bar you can click for the tutorial fun right! Thank you to all of you who have stuck by me and continued to request videos. So the latest looks have been.
                                                                              Asylum Nurse
Which have been mainly inspired by audfaced and of course my new interest of all things creepy and vintage and i am very proud of this video i finally edited this video well complete will creepy and funny music so i hope you enjoy :)

                                                                                Marilyn Manson
Yes an odd tutorial but fun non the less and i really hope you enjoy.

                                                                            Gothic Barbie
This was fun i did a cut crease look with a Gothic and Emilie autumn twist you do not have to go as far as me but defiantly a great look.

                                                                                Next Looks
        Dani Filth
Yes another fun look i love cradle so i thought this would be an awesome look just waiting on one thing :)
                  Marie Antoinette 
Big Wig check i cannot wait to film this and in my usual style there will be a little something extra.
                Emily Corpse Bride
Yeah i hear you cry! yes i know i said this would be done and it will i finally have everything i need and i can't wait :)
    What You Can Do???
Well if you wanna see these videos go subscribe :) i always update on my facebook page so do not worry! And keep requesting i have had a great one for a look on where's wally so should be fun i always like to hear from you all.

Thanks again for being patient and another post coming soon from updates from me :)