Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I don't have to wear any other make-up as long as I have blush.

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Benefit Rockateur Blush, Benefit Coralista Blush

I feel like everyone and there cat has talked about these blushes, But you know me i had to stick my two pence in. Normally I would only wear Rockateur in Autumn/Winter. Don,t ask me why i felt it gave a nice winter flush to the skin, So all last summer it sat unloved with all my other blushes. So what made me pull it out for spring? Well I can,t actually remember the reason,. I had but a lavish amount of Coralista over the apples of my cheeks but I just wasn't feeling it. So I hovered over my blush collection and thought I will try this! I layered it over Coralista and blended up to my temples and that was that! My new favourite combo. I don,t always layer blushes but sometimes it nice to have a softer blush to use to blend up into the temples for a slight contoured blush effect it is good when your pale so you don't have to get your bronzer out to contour the hollows of your cheeks. Sometimes when your pale you just look dirty and muddy, Not a great look. I have been wearing the combo none stop for the last four weeks so if your wondering what is on my cheeks during a video odds are it is this. These products do have there own individual merits cue mini review.

Benefit CORALista Blush
This is described as a warm coral pink, and don't let the coral scare you, It does not tend to pull orange but again that would depend on your skin-tone. What i mean by do not let it scare you it is not that highly pigmented so you can add just a simple glow to your complexion with one wipe of your brush. It is build-able to give you a better colour pay off. Like I said it gives a natural healthy glow and it really does brighten your complexion, There is a slight shimmer but don't worry you will not look like a disco ball. For pale skin like mine it just goes on as a healthy flush I reiterate that because it is a fool proof blush.
The only con for me is the formulation, Saying that i would have been fine if I hadn't used Rockateur the new formulation is amazing, So Coralista looks a little chalky. And of course the boxes look good but are not really practical. All in all I think this is a great blusher and is worth the price tag. It is one of my most used blushes.
8.0g Net wt 0.28oz

Benefit Rockateur Blush
Described as a rose gold blush, It has a good mix of pink,beige and brown with a slight shimmer.
If you where a lover of mac's Stereo Rose then this is a slightly darker version of that. Good pigmentation that is build-able. It is wonderful for pale skin as it gives a sun-kissed glow. The Shimmer will not make you look like Edward Cullen so that is a winner for me. Now I have to mention that is is less product for the same price, All there other blushes are 8.0g and Rockateur is only 5.0g and it retails at the same £23.50 price tag and you might think what a rip-off but believe me it is not, Yes it weighs less and has less product but this blush by far is the best formulation benefit has. Its finer milled than all the other blushes, It is less chalky. It has a buttery texture which makes for easier blending. That being said it's my favourite by benefit and i think it is time they rebooted all the blushes to the same high standard.
I think I could literally go on and on how much I love these blushes and have done for many years. And I know that I will repurchase. Do you have any blushes that are your must haves?? I feel like there is so much out there. I hope you liked this post two beauty posts one after another, Am I finally back in the blogging game? Not sure on that but is has been so fun just sitting and writing again.
Take Care My Lovelies