Tuesday, 9 April 2013

“I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!”

Okay so this post is not really cosmetic related but over the last month i have done some serious hauling and have been inspired by a lot of the spring summer trends this season, which yes is a little strange for me as i'm not really a avid fashion follower, yes i do read vogue and all the other magazines to keep abreast with upcoming trends more for make-up sake but i don't know maybe im warming to clothing trends.

So the issue came with pinterest or what i call the root of all evil :) now i have quite a few boards but one is my wish list i will insert a few of the pictures or you can look at my profile .

So you can see a few items on the hit list but unfortunately i'm not a millionaire so i had to do it the old fashioned way :)

First item the macbook pro i have drooled over how much i wanted my very own and with the cheapest
being a cool £1000 then of course insurance on top of that so years later i finally managed to get the money together luckily after my laptop sadly took it's last breath i had to live off my ipad not as easy as it sounds.

So now i can watch a whole youtube video without it freezing every minute and course all the work i need it for too.

Now for the fun stuff :)
Neon not something i would necessarily reach for but it's a major must have this season now you can get neon clothes but i cannot say i would feel comfortable glowing so i opted accessories route now the items of choice for me are always shoes and handbags an easy way to put current must haves to update your look or just to give  your outfit a pop of colour.

I have to have pumps in my shoe collection there easy, comfy and this was an easy way to inject some colour into my usually black ensamble. These i got cheap from ebay and look great :) the would probably look even better with a  tan.

The satchel has been a coveted item on most bag lovers wish list and i was eyeing up the Cambridge Satchel Fluoro but with a minimum £115 price tag i thought i would look on eBay as a cheap alternative
as i dont like spending that much money on trend items for classic pieces i don't mind but a neon yellow
bag not sure i would love it as much as spending the money on something else.

And with my savvy money saving buys i was able to purchase my first pair of loubou's which is a massive deal for me a good shoe will set you back at least near the £400 mark and higher but a make-up artist wage and the days, sometimes weeks without a booking can be a nightmare but i knew as soon as i had the money i was going getting some.

So you could go crazy with the above picture they look amazing :) But i decided te first shoe should be a classic shoe, something you can wear with everything and will get your moneys worth. i spent a few months browsing different styles.
In the end i decided on the simple pump 85mm enough of a heel to remain comfy. My family think i'm crazy for spending £375 on a pair of shoes but with these i think of them as an investment and the quality is amazing each shoe is hand made in italian leather if you are squeamish about wearing animals do your research it will say on the box what you are wearing and my partner often laughs you have a calf strapped to your feet. Now the serious part i would never buy my shoes online not these anyway. You are spending lot's of money make sure you buy an authentic pair there are some very good rip offs out there that will fall apart. And for the most part sizing in these are hard to guess they are designed for narrow feet so bare that in mind you really need to try these on and in the uk it is easier said than done there is only one store in the north west which is in manchester in the harvey Nichols store where i got mine from amazing service. They do have a little variety in Selfridges at the Trafford center but again they did not sell the ones i wanted. They rest of the major stores are in London.
Back to the good stuff as soon as i had them on my feet i knew it was love, i have worn them a few times one shoe still needs breaking in but still massively more comfortable than other heels.

 A few other sneaky purchases because let's be honest always happens.
the newest being my new case i'm a total fangirl of game of thrones so as soon i saw this on ebay it was in my basket.
Raybans i've never been a designer glasses person but when i went for a new pair these again where a love at first sight. I got mine from boots they are priced at £200 but for some reason i got crazy discounts and got them at £144 i have no idea how or why but check it out.
As a major treat i went to the white company knew there was a minty candle that was rumoured to smell amazing and it does again i do not usually spend £26 on candles but i was a treat to myself.
And last of all lush because i'm obsessed :)

That's everything finally i will be on a strict no spending now until june which is going to be an expensive month i'm in London twice once for the tennis and for imats so let me know if you are planning on going i love to meet new people :)

See you all soon :)